Nov 19

Two trainee barefoot runners – Making our Xero shoes


Last week we took delivery of 3 pairs of Xero shoes, courtesy of Simon at Xero shoesUK.

I have had a pair of 6mm Xeros for while and so was keen to compare them with the 4mm whilst my two kids were just keen to be like dad and experiment with some of the new colours available.


Making our Xero shoes

Kid number 1 (11yrs old – girl) opted for 4mm Boulder Blue soles with pink laces and kid number 2 (9yrs old – boy) went for 6mm Mint Green soles with blue laces. I went for blue soles and laces.

A sunny Sunday arrived and we had a family making day. It was great to get the kids involved and you can see by the photo story that they threw themselves into it. I am so glad we did it. It has made them part of the whole barefoot thing that their dad seems to have got himself involved in.

Drawing round our feet was good fun and they were keen to get cutting. My son’s were fine and needed no trimming.

The hole punch was a bonus and made it far simpler. The punch went through the 4mm pairs easily but the 6mm soles proved a bit of a challenge and he needed a bit of  a hand.

Next we logged onto and watched Stephen Sachen lacing his pair. I have done a few pairs now and it was a lot less trouble than I thought. We opted for the Pheonix flower method of handling the excess lace.

After a couple of false starts and a few slight adjustments we were off to give them a test run. The video you can see is myself and kid number 2 laughing our way towards the camera. The slapping you can hear was fixed with a bit of a tweak and then he was off gain.


My son wore his pair continuously and then I found them lying on the floor. He had taken them off to go and play. He really is a barefoot kid.

Thanks again to Simon at XeroshoesUK, it was well worth doing.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Chris. I’ll post this onto the Xero Shoes UK site, and forward to Steven/Lena.


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