Dec 28

5 Barefoot posts from December that you shouldn’t miss

About a month ago, I started to list a barefoot post a day over on our facebook page. You can see them by visiting and liking the page here.

When going through them to select my 5 favourite of the month, I found myself drawn to those posts that were joyous and uplifting. With the exception of post number one which is all about the despair of not being able to run at all.

I needed something to lift me out of my dreary December surroundings. Here we go:

Untitled1. Post one is from Patricia Bowmer and speaks of the despair of not being able to run.

Patricia is an author and puts the feeling into words much better than I can. As a young teacher, I worked for a head who sat down and cried on the curb when he finally succumbed to another injury. I have felt like that. How do you explain it to someone who doesn’t run. Your whole life can abe tied up in running. My social life and wellbeing were directly linked to my ability to run. Thankyou Patricia. Hope you are back out there again soon.



Untitled2. Following Patricia’s tale, I needed something uplifting and this video did the job.

Post two is from Bedrock Sandals and is a lovely video with Ultra runner Naresh Kumar. I just found that Naresh made me smile whilst I was watching him. I love the footage of him running through the hills in his sandals. It is the perfect antidote to the fine, cold rain that is falling here.



Untitled3. Post three is from the excellent blog of Lynne Allbut.

I enjoy reading Lynne’s blog posts and remember her posts about about a barefoot year. She is planning a barefoot run across Wales in May and had just started training. Her posts are always warm and make me smile. You can hear about her first barefoot training session for 2 years and visit her excellent blog by clicking on the image.


Untitled4. Post number four is from Thea Gavin and helps remind me that not everywhere is the same as the West Pennine Moors where I run.

I met a group of barefooters the morning I read this post and we chatted about how cold it is getting and dodged muddy puddles. If you are the same have quick look at her post. It will make you smile.



Untitled5. Post five is from the excellent Sea Legs Girl blog on the subject of running and medicine.

It is mostly about the use of running as a theraputic activity. I believe this deeply and have always known it. It is only recently that I have felt it explicitly. My well-being and my running are directly linked. It is good to read a post from someone who feels the same. The landscape also seems so fresh and clean. It looks vibrant.




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