Feb 27

5 best posts from around the barefoot blogosphere

Once again, I have been reading many barefoot posts from around the blogosphere. Here are the ones that really caught my attention during February 2014. Something for everyone. 

india1. Post of the month for February is a video from the India Running Summit 2014

Barefoot Beginner has quite a few readers and group members from India and this was a video of a talk given by barefoot runner Miland Soman on his transition. He was running the Mumbai marathon barefoot the following day. Amongst his inspiration, he talks about Pete Larson’s Tread Lightly which he said makes sense to him. I enjoyed his talk and thought that there was a great deal of common sense in there.

thorn2. Post 2 is from the Barefoot Running in the UK blog and is on the thorny subject of things that stick in your feet.

Those of you that join in with the chat in our facebook group may remember a question that came in recently from Fizz Fry about removing foreign bodies from our feet. This post deals with that. We tend to think that glass is the problem but as I found out this morning it is often the natural stuff that can get embedded. Can be hard to remove especially when it is tiny. Have a look.

dartmoor3. Post 3 is from the Wildernessguide and is promoting the virtues of running wild and free.

Specifically, barefooting on the beautiful Dartmoor. I seem to remember one of our group members Aranya Gardens talking about Dartmoor being a great place to run. This is a well written account and contains links to Wild Running who offer guided runs and weekend retreats in that area. Sounds idyllic.

Barefoot-Babe-225x3004. Lynne Albutt’s 45 mile barefoot across Wales is getting closer. Here she tells us how she is getting on.

For those who don’t know, Lynne is a member of our group and has been in training since the 1st December which will give her exactly 6 months to get ready for her run. The 45 mile route will take in tarmac, mountains, forests, gravel roads, streams and other delights. Here you can have a look at her latest post but I would urge you to have a look around her blog which is so well put together. Following on from her run, there will be workshops where folk can learn all about the benefits of a barefoot lifestyle. Most excellent.

Asics-Barefoot-Foot-Strike_thumb5. Post 5 is from Pete Larson (His 2nd mention in this month’s picks) and he provides a commentary on the way running shoes affect our gait.

Research related posts don’t usually catch my interest. I am usually too busy running to read about someone who is telling me that what I am doing doesn’t work. Pete’s commentaries are always well written and pitched just right for me. They don’t get bogged down but have more than enough detail to rise well above the masses of posts out there that just scratch the surface. This is a video which is well worth a watch.

As always, I am in awe of some of the writing out there and putting my monthly picks together is one of my favourite things to do. It makes me read. Barefoot bloggers, I salute you!

I have mentioned our group a few times in this post. We are a friendly, family oriented group. We don’t do profanity or negativity. We run, we chat and we smile. Come and join us, you will be made very welcome.


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