December 2015 archive

Dec 31

Barefoot running log – December 15

Tuesday 1st December

Started December with 4.5 miles barefoot. Feet cold and feeling it this morning. I was able to run the route within MAF range of 124-134bpm. This feels like an improvement.

Wed 2nd December 15

Ended the day feeling a bit bloated. Hadn’t eaten anything with sugar or grain but did drink quite a bit of tea and coffee. Might have been that. I ended up not feeling hungry at all and it might be that I am eating too much. I will play with this one. Have added a banana with breakfast but the feeling came much later in the day. Joined online MAF group and posted in there that my times are slower. They all seem to think that it is normal.

Fri 4th Dec 15

4.5 miles barefoot this morning within MAF range. 11st 7lbs this morning which means a stone weight loss since starting the MAF test. Loss is now slow and steady. Added banana to bacon, egg, mozzarella this morning. Big breakfast means I am just not hungry and I don’t have any cravings at all for sugar.

I was able to run the entire route this morning and only went above MAF range for around 3 seconds when I lost concentration. Mt hr was dropping quickly and I had to run a bit quicker to keep within range at times. Still very slow overall but feels good to be able to run the entire route.

Heel is cracked which is a new on for me. A bit sore.

Sat 5th December

Weather awful. 9.5 miles in MAF range. 130 mins total. 13.7 minute miles. Slow but feels like an improvement. I feel like I amg less which is progress. Last night, I cooked up loads of stuff that I had left over. Made soup and a couple of curries. Nothing went to waste. I am enjoying eating like this. It is just as quick. Meals don’t take long to prepare at all. A pattern is developing. Egg and bacon for breakfast. Fruit and cheese mid morning snack. Large salad at lunch with either chicken or cheese, fruit and cheese snack and then smaller evening meal or homemade soup, curry or steak with vegetables (nice with a creamy sauce). I might have a bit more fruit later or natural yoghurt with honey. I am still drinking filter coffee and tea. Sometimes with cream and sometimes milk. I am drinking some beer. All real ale made with malted barley. I seem to be able to tolerate it without much trouble.

Sun 6th Dec 15

Another hole on the belt. Now on the 6th one in which is a big change. I was struggling on 3 to start with. Gradually to 4 then 5 and now this morning 6 is comfortable. I am changing shape more than losing weight.

Had natural yoghurt with sliced banana and honey last night. Nicer than any fruit corner.

I am learning new skills all the time.

How to make own salad dressing. Got better at that one.

How to make coffee in a caffetiere

How to fry a steak just right

and lots of things:

Next it is mayonnaise and home made curry. I also want my soups to be better. The microwaveable soup mug is excellent.

Tuesday 8th Dec 15

No run this morning. I am burning the midnight oil at the moment as I complete an EdD assignment. I enjoy it but it means less sleep. One change from Maffetone is appreciating when this sort of thing is happening and backing off. I will catch up with both sleep and time running at weekend. I felt too full last night. I was euphoric during the day. I felt light and fast and ‘up and at ’em’ all day and then I ate too much in the evening. It was the banana and honey. I will leave that out today and try and get my carbs elsewhere or at least at a different time. I ate loads all at once. I need to spread things out.

Thursday 10th Dec 15

Almost 5 miles barefoot this morning. HR got up to 134bpm very quickly but still managed further than ever before on this out and back route. For a little while, I forgot I was running in MAF range and just ran which is a good sign as I was in the range. Lots of fruit today. Spaced out during the day. Mouth feels like bottom on birdcage. Has a BBBBlone beer last night. Made with malt but also Candy syrup. I had forgotten about that. Nothing natural there. Body sensitive to these things.

Sat 12th Dec 15

12 miles in 3 hrs at MAF rate. managed to run pretty much all the way with only a few walks up hills. Last night I was drinking lager and Jaeger Bombs so I am surprised I could run at all to be honest. It rained hard the whole time. 15 minute miles with dodgy hr monitor

Tuesday 15th Dec 15

5 barefoot miles this morning and it felt like a bit of a breakthrough run. Ran the whole way and my heart rate kept dropping below the lower 124bpm rate of my MAF rate. I managed a full 5 miles in 1hr and 1 minute. Still slow but quicker than before. 11 st 7lbs this morning. I couldn’t get full last night and I feel a bit like that today. Sticking to the plan though.  Haloumi cheese for tea. Really good. Could get addicted!

Friday 18th Dec 15

Ran home from Queensbridge on my last day. Very sad to be leaving. About 6 miles or so in Vivobarefoot Evos. Nice and steady and very enjoyable. Forgot HR monitor but can tell when going too quick.

Tuesday 22nd Dec 15

10 barefoot miles this morning and I loved it. Not enjoyed a run like that for a while. I stayed within my MAF rate 124/134bpm and it felt so easy. I had to speed up sometimes to stay in the zone which shows a lot of improvement. I could happily have turned round at the end and run back the other way. A proper breakthrough run. Eating differently and attempting to build a proper aerobic base is making a difference. No rush though. This is all about sustainability and being able to run in a way that nurtures rather than damages. Buzzing!

HR monitor played up for while at the start and I ran what I thought would be right but I was too slow.

Friday 25th Dec 15

6.5 miles in new VFF Spyridons. They are awesome. Loved it. Was quick at the start but slow near the end. Ininjis worked well too. Got very wet.

Ate some of Emma’s ginger cake and quite a few chocolates. In for a penny…

Sun 27th Dec 15

A MAF test attempt that was interrupted.

Mile 1 – 10 mins 27 secs

Mile 2 – 10 mins 57 secs

Mile 3 – Was clicking along and a runner stopped me for a chat about barefooting.

Never mind. Feels like progress although I can tell I ate too much turkey yesterday. Good roasted veg soup and stroganoff after watching Hairy Bikers.

Tues 29th December

Did the MAF test barefoot again this morning without interruptions. At a steady 11st 5 lbs. My weight is continuing is fall but very steadily now. I had forgotten to eat enough fruit over the last few days and this has meant that I feel like my carb balance is not right. I put it down to filling up on lots of turkey and feeling a bit tired.

I had a bit of a headache this morning although I did manage to avoid all the sugar laden nonsense at the pantomime last night. The ground was cold and damp. Can’t help feeling that all this bad weather is having an impact on my mood. It was that that led me onto considering the carbs and whether that was lowering my mood too. Not too bad but noticeable.

Mile 1 – 10 mins 48 secs

Mile 2 – 10 mins 23 secs

Mile 3 – 10 mins 36 secs

Feels like steady progress. I will keep going and see how things go.

Dec 31st 2015

2015 drew to a close with a 4 hr run this morning. Out of the door barefoot at 6am with backpack on. Back through the door 45 mins later for emergency toilet stop. I really must the hang of that. Then 3hrs 15 mins wearing new pair of VFF Spyridons. Only second run in them but they feel like old friends already. Somewhere between 15 and 16 miles

To be able to run (albeit pretty steadily within MAF range) for 4 hrs was inconceivable a little while ago. I am not certain of the exact total miles I covered in 2015 but it was well over 1000 and that is the most that I have ever managed to run. Ever!!

Not a single niggle anywhere and I feel like I am on the path to finding a way to run sustainably into my old age.