Feb 25

Falling out of love with barefoot

Falling out of love with barefoot:

That was how I felt this morning as I was half way through my morning run. I have very little motivation at the moment and am in a real lull.

It has been coming on a while. I think it is all linked to this Oldham Way Ultra attempt next month and the MAF rate slowing down business. My routine has gone and last year’s running every day seems like a long way away.

I looked out of the window this morning and the road was iced up and I just didn’t want to go out there barefoot. I did all last year but today I couldn’t see the point. I ended up in a pair of ankle socks and Runamoks for a quick mile. I enjoyed it and as I was crunching over stones, a thought popped into my head. ‘I am falling out of love with barefoot.’

The thought of being on that stretch of road at that time was just very unappealing. However, I have this idea that I am going to run every day barefoot from Spring to Autumn Equinox and I might well do that. I think that it will be good and I am looking forward to it. Maybe I just need that kind of easy to understand challenge.

I think that I will end up running the Chester Marathon later in the year but also some shorter events too. Just the thought seems good to me. I like the idea of running the Yorkshire 3 peaks. That would be good. So…maybe I am not falling out of love with anything. Maybe I am just in a rut and feeling it. A change is as good as a rest. I think that I might mix everything up and run somewhere new this weekend…and not too far. I have done a period of MAF base training and stuck to it. i think that I might have a spell where I do a few races and then go into another aerobic base building phase before Chester.

Just typing this, I can feel my enthusiasm coming back. Nothing to do with barefoot or otherwise. The Ultra is feeling appealing too just as something to drop into without worrying or focussing on it too much.

Thanks for listening everyone. I feel better for that. I needed to articulate it and get it out of my system. It has been blocking things up and dragging me down. Upwards and onwards.

Happy running everyone.


  1. Chris, every winter I get the same thing mid- to late winter. Its tough maintaining bare feet if you live in a place with cold winters and damp conditions. Inevitably, despite heroic efforts, the feet start feeling sensitive and the thought crosses your mind – “Do I really want to suffer through the next month or so and get comfortable again?” I have a barefoot marathon in a bit over a month (Paris) and I just am not feeling the love …

    What’s going to happen, though, is that I’m going to bulid back up pretty quickly using my usual “torture routes” designed to build road resistance and in a couple of weeks, I’ll be comfy again on 30K outings. That’s my benchmark – from there I can make a few 40k runs shortly before the marathon, and all will be well.

    Also, I do throw in a shod session right after a big barefoot outing – that gives me the distances I need, lets my skin build up again, and improves moral. Nothing like “doing” to feel like you’re making progress.

    I think you know all this, so I’m just putting in a word to help you get back in the game. Because it is a game, ultimately – we barefooters are all about proving a point, in addition to running without injury.

    And I’d still be interested in some Fell Runners (?) if ever you put some up for sale again 😉

    Best regards from Paris,


    1. Many thanks for those kind words Christian – I am not worried but just feel like I needed a bit of a break. I have the rest my life to be a runner. It had stopped being fun. I think that I will pick it up again over the next couple of weeks. The Spring Equinox is on March 20th. Be fun to run every day until the Equinox in September perhaps. Might become a cycle.
      I do have some fell running shoes still for sale. You can find them in the top menu.

      1. Here it is, the Spring equinox. I am heading out for a barefoot mile for the first time in around 5 weeks. Feeling like my old self again. The break will have done me good I think.

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