Sunday 8th May 16

I did something today which I have not done for ages. I drove somewhere for a run. I used to do that almost every time I ran but now almost always run from the front door,

I drove to the Entwistle reservoir and headed off down a bridleway in VFF Spyridons. I was watching a shepherd and dog bring in sheep when a young runner came flying past. I say flying but she was probably just going at a steady but quick pace. I set off after her for a mile down the rough and bumpy track and really enjoyed it.

I then got to the Entwistle and timed myself around its 2.34 route. 7 minutes dead for the first mile or so which is way faster than i am used to. I have running in MAF range at well over 10 minute miles. 15 mins 33sec at 2 mile point and then 19 mins 40 secs for the lap.

What do I call that? A start. This is the first time that I have timed myself around this route for 4 years. In fact, one of my first posts was about pulling my calf doing exactly this. My calves were fine but my right achilles was protesting.

Great fun and amazing that I am able to do it.

Chatted with a chap on Saturday night. His calves had gone and he was struggling to run. Physic giving him orthotics. Nightmare.

Wed 11th May

Running every day is easy to understand and I find it works for me. I am much better at absolutes than making negotiations with myself about which days I run and which days I don’t. It is the same with food. Once I start with things like eating differently one day a week, I then do 2 days and it is a slippery slope. I am back eating well and feel much better already.
Running barefoot has eased off my achilles. I think that I would still be limping around if I had not got out there and run a few barefoot miles. I am running with my daughter Em. Really good to do. We have a 6.30am morning date and head out for a bit of a run. Good to chat and have a laugh before the day starts. Hope it lasts.

Mon 23rd May 16

Went to watch the Great Manchester Run yesterday. I had forgotten how much fun a mass event can be. It has been years since I have been to watch something like this. The number of running styles and the effort on people’s faces. I ┬ámiss it. It reminds me that nobody owns running. At heart, running is a simple act and humans just love it. We complicate it and go deeper and deeper but there is nothing like just getting out with a big group of people and running. There were lots of individual stories and people running for a reason without making a fuss about it. McMillan vests with the words ‘Running mum’ on them. In times of distress, it seems like a very human reaction is to run. Fair play to every single one of the red faced runners out there yesterday. Bravo!

I came home and started looking at local running clubs. Not been a member since injuries kicked in. I have been a solitary runner for too long. I need to get out there with people again.

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