Oct 05

Barefoot running log October 16

I had lost my running mojo and so have mixed things up a bit. I did 3 800m reps in vivobarefoot evos yesterday. I was running. 3.33, 3,44 and 3.40. This is about a minute slower than when i last really did this 10 years ago. I feel better for it and my body has not reacted badly to the efforts so i will see how I go over the coming weeks.

Mon 10th Oct 16

Deep squats this morning for the first time in ages. I ran in a pair of Altra zero drop over weekend. Bouncy but good. 11 miles.

Tues 11th Oct 16

6.15am in the dark at the Entwistle. fast as I could in Altras. Ran it in 20mins and 14 secs which is considerably faster than last time. Alters feel good. a few little niggles but they smoothed out as I concentrated on form. kept swapping between Chirunning and upright and from hips a la Ken Bob. Getting quicker. & 48 at bridge and 16.30 at 3 mile marker.

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