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Running Log – November 16

Tuesday 1st Nov 16

3 barefoot miles and it felt good. I was very wheezy this morning (too much Halloween sugar last night) and did not fancy running at all. I had no plans to barefoot and walked outside at 6am to get my shoes. The morning was so mild and ground was dry. the road felt very inviting for bare feet so off I set. After half a mile, I was whizzing along. My feet felt good and I could feel a couple of knotty lower leg things smoothing out. After 3 miles I arrived back home without breaking a sweat and my breathing much improved. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

After all that about running in shoes, it is nice to have the choice.  A bit of this and a bit of that.This feels a sustainable way to run.

Thursday 3rd November

5 miles this morning in Altras. Slight headache when I woke up and struggling to shake a bit of a cough. Things get worse when I eat sugar and refined carbs. Most noticeable things about running in shoes is that his are not as enjoyable. One of the best things about running barefoot is the way hills just seem to vanish and I am at the top before I know it. Not like that in the Altras. They are OK though although perhaps too much cushioning. i wanted to see what some zero drop cushioning was like. I can feel the bounce and myself losing the energy and working a bit harder. Not much but it there.

Sunday 6th November 16

3 miles in Altras this morning with an awful cold. I didn’t feel like going much further. Feel the need to concentrate when running in the Altras and get a little more upright with hips forward a bit. When I do that things feel more relaxed. it is all too easy to end up with tension in my legs. Little strides and relax.

Tuesday 8th November 16

Still got a bad cold but up early wanting to run and get fresh air into my lungs. Headlining up to the Entwistle for a head torch run. Cut the mileage back but still keeping things regular. 2.34 miles in Altra in 23 minutes which seems slow. wen through 2 mile point in 18mins 40 secs and didn’t slow down. maybe the distance is a bit wrong. I then stood looking out over reservoir drinking a cup of tea imagining how many other people are doing this sort of thing as the sun comes over the horizon. Always feel better for it. sets me up for the day.

Thursday 10th Nov 16

5 miles in Altras feeling tired and it was hard work. Feel a little better for doing it. Mind taken over after being asked to talk to a local cardiac support group early next year. It makes you think about the main message behind my running. There are so many things to share about us being a running animal and the fact that you don’t need to be Mexican and the sham of a running shoe industry. the main thing is that you need to be pragmatic and do what works. The work out why it works and go from there. Perhaps.

Sat 12th Nov 16

Rain meant canelled football and a chance to Parkrun for the first time in ages. Most of route under water and ran in Altras. 25 mins 25 secs and it was the fastest I could have gone. Tried to keep with 24 min pacer but just couldn’t. PB on this course is 20 mins and 59 secs. I need to lose 2 stones/

Tuesday 15th Nov 16

5 miles in Altras at 6am this morning. The morning was filthy. Dark, fog and drizzle. I love it. You run in your own little bubble. I was full of running this morning and ended up running quickly. The first 100 yards and my right calf felt like things were moving around in there and settling down. After that, i didn’t have a whisper of a problem. I concentrated on form and lifting rather than pushing off. My form when running slow is good but I think that I will need to really concentrate when running quickly. Good fun.

Thursday 17th Nov 16

Up and out by 6am this morning for another 5 miler in Altras. Felt that I need to do a few weeks of consistent smiling to get some sort of base. Started sluggish. That little niggle in calf happened at same place on run again and then went away completely. Found myself thinking about Chirunning quite a bit. Probably because I am shoes and I want to run faster. Was ensure core was steady and then leaning a little. Need to play with this and find a way that works for me. Chirunning or leaning a la Ken Bob. Felt good by the end. Not as good as Tuesday but still pretty good.

Saturday 19th November 16

Feels like a bit of a breakthrough. I ran Bolton park run again and was under 25 mins. 24 mins and 51 seconds in the Altras. Then I ran another 6.5 miles to get it out of my legs. This included the park run course again. I was just ticking along in the driving rain and sleet. Felt pretty good. It feels like a breakthrough because I have run all but one run this month in the Altras and my legs feel fresh and niggle free. I am not protecting anything whilst I run. I don’t feel fast but I certainly feel like a  runner.

I passed a woman early on in the run. She had a very unusual stiff style. everything was coming from the hip and she hardly bent her legs at all. Her top half was rolling around to create the momentum she needed to keep it going. I reckon that she was in her late 50s. I thought, ‘I can help you here. If you just bend your knees a bit more and increase your cadence then you would find things so much easier.’ At the top of the the first steep hill, she breezed passed me with her funny style and vanished into the distance. It made me smile.

Tuesday 22nd Nov 16

Up early but with a few stomach problems. Set off and it soon became clear that i wasn’t going to get far. 2 miles and glad to be back.

Thursday 24th Nov 16

Stomach feeling a bit better but struggling generally. Don’t want to run this morning. Just want to go back to bed. I am going to walk instead and see how that goes. Think the fresh air will do me good.

Tuesday 29th Nov 16 – Thursday 30th Nov 16

Recovered from illness and a run streak seems to have started. Ran a mile each day in shoes. Let’s see where it takes me. If I can run everyday for a year in shoes then it will have proved that my stride has improved considerably.

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