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Running Log – December 16

Sat 2nd Dec 16

Park run this morning in 24 mins and 48 secs. Need to start closer to the front.

Tuesday 6th Dec 16

Now run every day for the last week and am eating better. 5 miles in Altras this morning  and feel OK for it. This runstreak started on 29th nov 16 and we will see how far it goes.

Thursday 7th Dec 16

Up early but raining hard so just did a mile. Then ran 4 in the evening whilst dan was training. I was looking forward to it. 20 mins out and 20 mins back in the dark. Not even out of breath. Left calf area tensed up near the end.

Friday 9th Dec 16

Ran a mile this morning and manged to ease the tension away a little. Still there though. interesting.

Saturday 10th Dec 16

Park Run this morning in 23mins 52secs.  Went for it. Coming down first hill, I felt light on my feet and like a runner. Then went for a 25 minute run afterwards. Could feel it in my legs all day.

Sunday 11th Dec 16

A quick mile before the market

Mon 12th Dec – Sun 18th Dec 16

A 20 mile week which included a 5 miler around the village, a 2.5 in the dark round Entwistle and 8.5 miles on Saturday morning. Legs tired at end of it.

Mon 19th Dec 16

A mile at 6am

Tuesday 20th Dec 16

2 mile warmup then 3x800m reps with 3 mins between. then 1.5 miles warm down. Ran them in about 3mins 39 secs. Couldn’t go any faster but had plenty left. I reckon that I am fit enough to go faster but am not used to running this fast in this style. Will need lots of practice and gradual improvement.

Wed 21st Dec 16 

A mile in the dark

Thursday 22nd Dec 16

Up early and ready to go. The run streak is good motivation for me. i am eating OK and losing a bit of weight. I have got rid of refined carbs from most of my diet apart from one main meal of day. Then it might be pasta or pizza or pitta bread. Nothing else. Eating fruit and cheese during the day mostly.

5 miles in Altras. started off slow but full of running. Felt good and strong up hills. Not a whisper of an injury anywhere.

Friday 23rd Dec 16

A mile early in the morning.

Sat 24th Dec 16

Park run this morning in 23 mins 42 secs. Another 10 secs off. Slow but steady progress. Santa whats and brass band. ran 1.5 miles in warm up and another in cool down so 6 miles in total.

Sun 25th Dec 16

A mile this morning. Bumped into an elderly gentleman shifting leaves out of the path. He was very smartly dressed. 97 years old and out for his daily walk. I ended up thinking about my talk to the cardiac support group. I think that it all about readiness and driving it yourself rather than handing over responsibility to someone else. You can’t buy your way out of this one. Beware of common sense. Be a self-experimentor.

Mon 26th Dec 16

7 miles this morning. Fitness is coming. Speed isn’t. Passed near the end by a guy who has overweight and with a little pitter-patter stride. He just moved away from me. I could have kept up but it would have been a struggle. He made it look easy. This is going to be a long road.

Tues 27th Dec 16

A mile this morning and good fun. Pushed hard up hills. ready Guy Martin’s latest book and it took me back to old pedal car days and 24 hr racing. Good times. I need to look up the British Human Powered Association.

Wed 28th Dec 16

A mile this morning. Cold enough to take the breath away. That makes a full month of running every day and I feel better for it. Catching up on sleep too which is good. No problems anywhere.

Thursday 29th Dec 16

7 miles with Phil around Rivington. Beautiful morning. He is pushing along faster than me. Leaning from ankles then straightening up top half of body whilst imagining being pulled along from the naval helps speed things up. Go figure.

Fri 30th Dec 16

A mile this morning. Stopped to pick up a glove for a chap who had dropped it. he was walking back up a hill to get it. He said it was over 50 years old. Good piece of kit. I chatted for a bit. It might be that I was the only person he spoke to today. It might not but something someone said to me a little while ago chimed in my head.

Sat 31st Dec 16

Rounded off 2016 with a Parkrun in 23 mins 34 secs. Another 10 seconds off. I might have got under 23 mins 30secs if I had set off in the right place. Getting quicker. Entered the Alderney Edge Bypass 10k on July 2nd. 6 months away. It would be good to be a stone lighter by Easter. Exactly 14 weeks away, I think so 14 pounds in 14 weeks whilst running properly. Should be doable. Also keep the speed work up. It would be interesting to find a 10k at Easter time to see how I am getting on.

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