Mon 4th Sept 17

September is here and it is the start of the new school year. I have had a calf niggle for a few weeks which has put me off running. I ran 3 times last week and it is still there. I know what to do but for some reason haven’t got the motivation to do it. I need to take off the shoes and run barefoot. I think that I can do a mix of both. We will see.

A 5 miler this morning. First one for a while. Set off in Bare Access with a tightness in right calf. it subsided quickly and I was out of breath quickly too. After a couple of miles, I was enjoying it. Stopped half way and listened to the furthest bird away for a minute. It is good to stop and remember what you are doing. Not many people up at this time of the day.

After 4 miles, I took off shoes and ran barefoot. felt good. I think that I need to build this barefooting in almost every day in order to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Tuesday 5th Sept 17

My calf felt good during the day yesterday. It is 5:40am and it is pitch black and raining very hard. My calf is tight but not too bad. I do feel the need to get out for a barefoot mile and work out the niggle.

Just got back. Very wet! Calf was pulling a little at the start. I relaxed into tit and let it stretch in the most natural way I could without trying to tighten up and protect it. I ended up running pretty quick and it felt fine at the end. Will keep this up. I love barefoot in the rain. Running through little rivers on the road.

Wed 6th Sept 17

Up early for a 5 miler. Calf feeling a little easier after 2 consecutive days where I have barefooted. Plan is to run the first 4 miles in Merrell Bare Access and them take them off for the last mile.

That worked well. Wet underfoot and good to run through puddles at the end. My soles were beginning to sing a it in the last stretch. I am going to build up the distance slowly barefoot. It won’t take long before my body works out what I am doing. Felt calf a little but no real problem.

Day 5 miles: Week 11 miles: Month 11 miles: Academic Year 11 miles

Thursday 7th Sept 17

Calf a little tight when I woke up. I think a barefoot mile will loosen it off. If I don’t do anything and rest it, it doesn’t go away. I tried that during the summer. Half a mile in and it melted away. It feels like for of a general lower leg tightness than a hot spot just in my calf. It was more of a deep lying ache then anything. Felt structural rather than muscular. I will keep going and gradually up my barefoot:shod ratio so as not so shock my soles too much.

Day 1 mile: Week 12 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 12 miles (4 miles) : Academic Year 12 miles (4 miles)

Friday 8th September 17

Up very early again for 3rd 5 miler of the week. The nature of the calf problem is changing. Like yesterday, it no longer feels purely a muscular problem but more linked to underlying structure. The weather is foul. It has rained hard all night and is raining again. An hour in the dark and driving rain. Last mile barefoot. Good fun. I can tell that this is the 3rd 5 miler in 5 days and that this is a little jump in mileage. No real problem but my calf was protesting a little near the end. It must have been because I was speculating about no shod running and building up to 20 miles barefoot and then gradually putting shoes into the week rather than the other way round.

Day 5 miles: Week 17 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 17 miles (5 miles) : Academic Year 17 miles (5 miles)

Saturday 9th September 17

A 2 mile barefoot run in the rain to go and pick the car up. Felt calf before setting off. It eased off after a mile or so and only came back when I picked up the pace. Soles handled it OK. Felt like a barefooter again. Later in the day, everything has stiffened up.

Day 2 miles: Week 19 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 19 miles (7 miles) : Academic Year 19 miles (7 miles)

Sunday 10th September 17

A mile barefoot this morning during a pause in a big beer brewing day. Pitter-pattered off and back. I understand running every day. It is simple for me to stick too. I struggle with other ways of doing things I think. The same with ice-cream. I can cope with not eating it at all. It is when I say that I will only eat it on special occasions. Sudden;y every occasion is special and I am eating it every day. I feel better for reducing the number of carbs this week particularly sugar. It makes me feel unwell.

Day 1 mile: Week 20 miles (8 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (8 miles) : Academic Year 20 miles (8 miles)

Monday 11th September 17

Awake very early and up for 5 miler. Raining again. Aim is for a 5 miler with 3 shod and 2 barefoot. Feel calf when first walking about this morning. We will see how it goes.

Day 5 miles: Week 5 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 25 miles (10 miles) : Academic Year 25 miles (10 miles)

Tuesday 12th Sept 17

Up early for a barefoot mile. Not raining for a change. This means that the ground is just damp. That is the worst. Things just stick to your soles when it is damp. Unfortunately, I live in the West Pennine Moos and the only reason anyone lives here is because Flemish weavers chose this area because of its damp climate. Perfect for cloth making. You don’t appreciate how damp it is here until you visit other places and realise that this isn’t a permanent state everywhere.

I have no niggle when I woke up and was walking around. My calf was fine for the first time in a while. When running, I could tell that it had been stiff without it really being there at all. By the end, everything was moving freely. it will be interesting to see how it is after a 5 miler tomorrow.

Day 1 mile: Week 26miles (3 barefoot) : Month 26miles (11 miles) : Academic Year 26 miles (11 miles)

Wed 13th Sept 17

Battering down with rain this morning. In the past, i may have avoided running this morning but I am determined to do this. I dug out waterproof for first time for a while and set off in rain. My right calf was fine. If anything, it was my left lower leg that felt a little tight. Ran 3 miles pretty quick. I am feeling like a runner. Took shoes off and ran the last 2 miles. Pitter-pattered and enjoyed it.

Day 5 miles: Week 11miles (5 barefoot) : Month 31 miles (13 miles) : Academic Year 31 miles (13 miles)

Thursday 14th Sept 17

After the 5 miler yesterday, it was fine but I have woken up with it a bit stiff. Nothing to worry about but there all the same. After a barefoot mile, it was running loose and free. It will be interesting to see if the whole process of running every day can be sustained.

Day 1 mile: Week 12miles (6 barefoot) : Month 32 miles (14 miles) : Academic Year 32 miles (14  miles)

Friday 15th September 17

Woke up with stiffness in calf. I think it will ease off and that is why I can’t just jump out of bed and set off. A might try a little bit of stretching. Not something I usually do. Plan is for 3 miles in shoes and last 2 miles barefoot.

Day 5 miles: Week 17miles (8 barefoot) : Month 37 miles (16 miles) : Academic Year 37 miles (16 miles)

Sat 16th Sept 17

2 miles barefoot this morning. Felt like Autumn. Enjoyed it and back before I knew it. Calf fine. Are badly last night. Had a chinese and soon developed an itchy throat and nose. No good for me even though it tastes good. I had eaten carbs this week but very few. A bit of bread for a toastie but other than that I have not minded doing without.

Day 2 miles: Week 19 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 39 miles (18 miles) : Academic Year 39 miles (18 miles)

Sun 17th Sept 17

A Mile barefoot before heading off to the market. My feet feel like they are changing and I feel more like a barefooted again. I got the old barefoot burn this morning. Not going to be blasé about this.

Day 1 mile: Week 20 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 40 miles (19 miles) : Academic Year 40 miles (20 miles)

Mon 18th Sept 17

5 miles planned this morning. 2 shod and then 3 barefoot. Slight tightness in calf but nothing that will stop me setting off. I ate badly on Saturday but was back on the wagon yesterday and feel better for it. No problem this morning. After a mile or so barefoot, I got the barefoot burn but it was on rough ground. It soon went away.

Day 5 miles: Week 5 miles (3 barefoot) : Month 45 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 45 miles (22 miles)

Tuesday 19th Sept 17

Had a bit of a sore left achilles as I went to bed last night. Seems fine this morning. Calf still tight. I wonder if a few stretches might help. Cold this morning. Feet numb by the time I got back. first time this year.

A barefoot mile in the dark to help loosen things off and keep things going. Fallen asleep twice over the last couple of nights in front of the TV. Need to do something about that. Keep busy until bed time.

Day 1 mile: Week 6 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 46 miles (23 miles) : Academic Year 46 miles (23 miles)

Wed 20th Sept 17

5 miles this morning. A warmer day and after 2 miles took shoes off. Feet felt good on the ground. After about 30 secs barefoot, the left achilles started to protest and did so for a minute or two. Then realised that it had gone away. This feels sustainable. Day 5 miles: Week 11 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 51 miles (26 miles) : Academic Year 51 miles (26 miles)

Thursday 21st Sept 17

It will be a mile barefoot this morning. I weighed myself this morning. Something that I have not done for ages. 12 stone 3lbs. Not sure what i was expecting. My clothes feel a bit looser and my face seems to look thinner. Not sure how I feel about that. Actually, it is just the way it is. My eating has been down to helping me feel better and it is. I have a few carbs in but nothing that makes me feel unwell. The effect when i do is quite severe. i get allergic reaction in my throat and start to itch. Lay off the sugar. Day 1 miles: Week 12 miles (8 barefoot) : Month 52 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 52 miles (27 miles)

Friday 22nd Sept 17

5 miles this morning. 2 in shoes and 3 barefoot. I think that food is linked to blood sugar for me quite a lot. I am able to eat more sensibly as long as I keep my blood sugar in check. My left achilles was protesting a bit last night.

Day 5 miles: Week 17miles (11 barefoot) : Month 57 miles (30 miles) : Academic Year 57 miles (30 miles)

Sat 23rd Sept 17

2 miles this morning barefoot. I have a soft tissue injury in the ball of left foot. Sore. I can’t remember doing it and thought I must have something stuck in there at first. I think I have been compensating a bit as my right calf is now pretty tight.

Other then that no problem.

Day 52miles: Week 19 miles (13 barefoot) : Month 59 miles (32 miles) : Academic Year 59 miles (32 miles)

Sun 24th Sept 17

Ate very badly yesterday and tis morning’s run was chore. Just a barefoot mile but I am wheezy. That is sugar and Chinese for you. Foot felt a bit better this morning so I will try the 5 miler with 4 miles barefoot tomorrow. I need this run. Right calf was tight and by the end it had eased up.

Day 1 mile : Week 20 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 60 miles (33 miles)

Mon 25th Sept 17

Into week 4 and 4 miles barefoot this morning after a mile in shoes. Feel awful because of the way I have eaten over the past couple of days. The soft tissue injury in left foot didn’t cause a problem.

Day 5 miles (4 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 65 miles (37 miles) : Academic Year 65 miles (38 miles)

Tues 26th Sept 17

A barefoot mile and feeling good. Left foot a bit sore but was full of the joys this morning.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 66 miles (38 miles) : Academic Year 66 miles (38 miles)

Wed 27th Sept 17

Woke up with a sharp pain in left sole. the spot tissue is not getting netter doing what I am doing. I am going to to flip it and run, 4 miles in shoes and the last mile barefoot this morning and see how that goes. I have been studious in going to bed at a decent hour. I think that I can cope with my crazy, busy life as long as I sleep enough. No burning the candle at both ends.

Day 5 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 71 miles (39 miles) : Academic Year 71 miles (39 miles)

Thursday 28th Sept 17

Left foot still sore. A bit more than I expected. taking some time to clear up. I still enjoyed the barefoot mile this morning but I was conscious of it the whole time.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 72 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 72 miles (40 miles)

Friday 29th Sept 17

5miles this morning. I was wake early and no problem with motivation to get out but legs are feeling the effects of running every day for almost a month. No problem with left sole when running in Merrell bare Access but could feel it during the last mile when i went barefoot. I felt like I needed to do it to keep the niggles away. We will see how it goes.

Day 5 miles  (1 barefoot) : Week 17miles (8 barefoot) : Month 77 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 77 miles (41 miles)

Sat 30th Sept 17

September draws to close on a chilly, damp morning. 2 barefoot miles which I enjoyed and flew past. At the end, i had a low calf thing going on that i have not had before. I the last 100yds. See how that goes. I was up well before dawn doing school work. This was bit of a welcome break.

Day 2 miles  (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 79 miles (43 miles) : Academic Year 79 miles (43 miles)

September – Ran every day since 4th Sept 79 miles (43 barefoot)



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