Sunday 1st October 17

Can’t believe it is October already. I ran every day from the 4th September, last month and did 79 miles. My aim is to run every day of October and top that.

Started with a gentle barefoot mile this morning to ease off a little niggle in my lower calf that cam about in the last few strides of yesterday’s run. I enjoyed being out in the drizzle. I always feel better for it. Now for a cup of coffee and a good book.

Day 1 mile (1) Week 20 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 1 miles (1 miles) : Academic Year 80 miles (44 miles)

Monday 2nd Oct 17

Woke up ready to go but with really tight right calf. Did a bit of light stretching but to no avail. Higher up in the body of calf that yesterdays tightness. During stretching left calf also felt a bit tight.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 6 miles (6 miles) : Academic Year 85 miles (49 miles)

Tuesday 3rd October 17

a mile barefoot this morning to iron out the wrinkles left after yesterday’s run. I went for a walk last night and felt a stiffness in my hip and tightened in right groin as though I have ebb hanging on with my toes in icy weather. I woke in the night with a dull ache in my hip. This morning, I have stiffness in calf, right arch and dull ache in hip. Seeing as barefooting is meant to be therapeutic, this was a surprise. i will see how things are after a little run.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 7 miles (7 miles) : Academic Year 86 miles (50 miles)

Wed 4th October 17

5 barefoot miles this morning and was full of running. I didn’t want to stop. No problems at any point and feet felt pretty robust after a while. A bit tender a first but then fine. Ground was dry which helps a lot.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 12 miles (12 miles) : Academic Year 90 miles (55 miles)

Thursday 5th Oct 17

A mile barefoot this morning. Not eating well. had a couple of sugary binges which have left me feeling sluggish and a bit unwell. Might be getting cold or it might just be the food. Also tired this morning. Up on time but a struggle. Still going to bed early. i am enjoying that. Determined not to burn the candle at both ends. A barefoot mile after a very wt and windy night out there. It was cold, Numb feet are dumb feet!

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 13 miles (13 miles) : Academic Year 91 miles (56 miles)

Friday 6th Oct 17

Tired this morning and struggled to get out of bed. Did though, so that is good. Right calf a little tight and I am enjoying the way my feet feel in between runs. They are developing and feel robust.

5 miles this morning barefoot in the cold and wet. I concentrated on form. I ran a bit like Parker from thunderbirds in best marionette action. I need to feel like I am lifting rather than pushing off and this helps. My feet were screaming after half a mile and I had to concentrate again. this time on keep everything in line and facing forwards. The temptation was to run but my body at a slight angle and I am not sure why. It immediately felt better every time I brought things back together.

Feet felt better on the second half of the run even though i was going over the same terrain. 5th week running, I have managed to do three 5 mile runs before work. I must be doing something right when it comes to motivation. I don’t want to stop. I want to be able to sit with coffee on Saturday morning and get some school work out of the way and not have to think about it on Sunday. Weather was cold and damp. The morning felt washed. Clear blue sky as dawn broke during the run. Glorious. Glad to be out int it. Didn’t want to stop in the end.

Day 5 mile  (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 18 miles (18 miles) : Academic Year 96 miles (61 miles)

Sat 7th Oct 17

2 miles barefoot to keep things running smoothly. I was aiming for puddles this morning so it must be warmer than yesterday when I was avoiding them.

Day 2 miles  (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (20 miles) : Academic Year 98 miles (63 miles)

Sun 8th Oct 17

First week in October done and ended with a barefoot mile whilst mashing in some grain for beer. Felt felt slightly tender yesterday but robust this morning. They are becoming accustomed to barefooting agin. Nothing in calf, before during or after. First week in a very long time since I have run exclusively barefoot and done 20 miles whilst running every day.

Day 1 miles  (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 21 miles (21 miles) : Academic Year 99 miles (64 miles)

Mon 9th October 17

Another week and a bit of a pointed pain in right cal as I wander around the house this morning before running. I think that it will go away. Started off slow and then became full of running. Feel felt really robust and although it was, i was running without any real barefoot burn. I could feel the ground but with no unpleasant sensations. Stood on a few objects and one reminded me of the soft tissue injury from a week or two ago. Seems to have gone altogether.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 26 miles (26 miles) : Academic Year 104 miles (69 miles)

Tuesday 10th Oct 17

That niggle in right calf is proper ands still there as I walk around the house before running. My eating has been poor for a little while. Carbs and sugar. Leaves me with a headache and wondering why I do it. This morning was in the dark. Not done that before this year so it must be drawing in. Still felt a bit niggly at the end. I wonder how i would be if I added a few stretches and squats.

Day 37 – 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 27 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 105 miles (70 miles)

Wed 11th Oct 17

I ate much better yesterday. Cheese and fruit during the day. I felt so much better for it. I at pasts for tea and that my throat itchy. I had no problem handling the carbs. It was the additives that went with it, I reckon.

I did a few light calf stretched whilst waiting for the kettle this morning and a few squats. I was able to do a full squat. Tight in the hips and groin but able.

Day 38 – 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 32 miles (32 miles) : Academic Year 110 miles (75 miles)

Thursday 12th Oct 17

A barefoot mile in the dark. Right calf niggle moved and is lower and more surface. I get the feeling that my feet and lower legs are getting more robust but the burn was there in my soles at times this morning. It was cold and I am wondering when the first frost will come. I enjoy these runs. My half way point slow down was a challenge this morning. for the second morning running, I have found it hard to stop my brain from racing. Work stuff mostly combined with pressure to bottle beer and get some college work done. Too much all at once, I think and my brain is in overdrive.

Day 39– 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 33 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 111miles (76 miles)

Friday 13th Oct 17

5 miles barefoot this morning. 6 weeks on the to that I have done 3 5milers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Good to have a routine and protect Saturday mornings for getting some school work done. Full of running and feeling more like it this morning. Dry underfoot and that always helps but it felt like running was just a state of being this morning. No effort to it. Sleep is important especially this far into a term. End of week 6 and children and staff are flagging. It is tempting to burn the candle at both tends and think that you will rest in the week off. It never happens. you just end up catching up in the holiday and not resting. i don’t want to do that. It is going to take some discipline over the coming week to keep things going and still get to bed on time.

Little niggle in calf but feeling OK. It is really mild for the time of year, I think.

Day 40- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 38 miles (38 miles) : Academic Year 116 miles (81 miles)

Sat 14th Oct 17

An enjoyable 2 mile barefoot run this morning. these always start slow ansI think that I am not going to get there and then the second mile just flies past. Day 41 – 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 40 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 118 miles (83 miles)

Sun 15th Oct 17

A barefoot mile to finish of the 6th week of this little run streak. I have run exactly as planned.

Day 42- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 41 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 119 miles (84 miles)

Mon 16th Oct 17

Last week of half-term and I am up and ready to run.

Day 43- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 46 miles (46 miles) : Academic Year 124 miles (89 miles)

Tuesday 17th Oct 17

The wind outside kept everyone awake last night. Still up for a run in the dark this morning.

Day 44- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 47 miles (47 miles) : Academic Year 125 miles (90 miles)

Wed 18th Oct 17

A decent nights sleep. Listening to the Chimp Paradox in the car. It is excellent. 5 barefoot miles this morning to keep things going. Stood on a few stones this morning and expecting a bit of a reaction to that in my soft tissue. I was expecting to feel free, light and easy this morning but it was not like that. Not heavy legged but a bit laboured at times.

Day 45- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 52 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 130 miles (95 miles)

Thursday 19th Oct 17

A mile this morning. Eating pretty well this week. Tired though. Important to respect that and keep sleeping properly. D

Day 46- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 53 miles (53 miles) : Academic Year 131 miles (96 miles)

Friday 20th Oct 17

Things going to plan. this is a whole half-term of running every day and 5 miles on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Looking forward to a week of getting out in the daylight with shoes on.

Today is a 5 mile barefoot run in the dark to push through 100 miles barefoot for the academic year.

Day 47- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 58 miles (58 miles) : Academic Year 136 miles (101 miles)

Saturday 21st Oct 17

Ran OK this morning for a couple of barefoot miles. Right calf very stiff. I think I wouldn’t want to do too much more or it might cause a problem. It will be interesting when the really cold weather sets in to see how I cope with some in shoes.

Day 48- 2 mile (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (60 miles) : Academic Year 138 miles (103 miles)

Sunday 22nd Oct 17

Real Storm (Brian) yesterday playing havoc with everything.A barefoot mile to loosen things up.

Day 49- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 61 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 139 miles (104 miles)

Monday 23rd Oct 17

Bowfell today. No problem walking up there. Running every day has made me fit. Ran back down the Band in the rain. Again, no problem.

Day 50- 2 mile (0 barefoot) : Week 2 miles (0 barefoot) : Month 63 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 141 miles (104 miles)

Tuesday 24th Oct 17

7 miles from Abbey Village. Through to Sunnyhurst and then up and over Darwen Tower. Very poor weather. Legs sore.

Day 51- 7 miles (0 barefoot) : Week 9 miles (0 barefoot) : Month 70 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 148 miles (104 miles)

Wed 25th Oct 17

A barefoot mile to loosen up the legs after a couple of heavy days. It is the quads and outside of hips that are suffering a bit. Not too much but enough. Enjoyed the mile and running through puddles. Mustn’t be too cold. Day 52- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 10 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 71 miles (62 miles) : Academic Year 149 miles (105 miles)

Thursday 26th Oct 17

6.5 miles around ASDA block this morning in Merrel Bare Access. Legs are heavy and felt like they have been bashed with a mallet. 60 mins exactly. Ended up thinking about building in a run to and from work each week.

Friday 27th Oct 17

Ran a mile barefoot this morning to iron out a few niggles and met Rudy the Golden Doodle. I have a bad headache that harks back to the bad old days of thinking I had cluster headaches but they were really sugar. Ate two big chocolate shortbread biscuits from a bakery in Leek plus some dark chocolate from a little chocolates. That will teach me!

Day 54- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 17.5 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 78.5 miles (63 miles) : Academic Year 156.5 miles (106 miles)

Saturday 28th Oct 17

Good day in Manchester yesterday. Found out about St. Michael’s Flags and Angel Fields. Long and interesting history.

1.5 miles or so this morning. probably a bit short of that but I am counting it as seriously underestimated the distance I ran when coming down Bowfell on Monday.

Day 55- 1.5 mile (1.5 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (3.5 barefoot) : Month 80 miles (64.5 miles) : Academic Year 158miles (107.5 miles)

Sunday 29th October 17

A barefoot mile this morning to finish off the week. The weather forecast says that it might be cold tomorrow. -1C is a possibility.

Day 56- 1 mile (1  barefoot) : Week 20 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 81 miles (65 miles) : Academic Year 159miles (108 miles)

Monday 30th Oct 17

Looks cold out there. Frost on top of cars for the first time this year. 2C on the car thermometer a little later. Didn’t feel that cold although there was ice on the step railings at the half-way point and it was too cold on the soles to stand for a minute. The flags were very cold.

Day 57- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 86 miles (69 miles) : Academic Year 164 miles (113 miles)

Tuesday 31st Oct 17

Whole body is stiff this morning. I wonder if it is running in 2C yesterday. Ankles especially lacking flexibility. Looking forward to a lazy barefoot mile this morning to loosen things up a bit.

Day 58- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 87 miles (70 miles) : Academic Year 165 miles (114 miles)









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