Wed 1st Nov 17

Up early for the first day of November, Legs and ankles stiff. Feeling a lack of flexibility. I might need to do some squats.

Day 59- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 5 miles (5 miles) : Academic Year 170 miles (119 miles)

Thursday 2nd Nov 17

Very tired at the moment and not responding well when the chimp wants a cookie or piece of cake. need an autopilot response to go to. Maybe get a drink of water and hunt out the inhaler and headache tablets that i will need if I have it.

Day 60- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 6 miles (6 miles) : Academic Year 171 miles (120 miles)

Friday 3rd Nov 17 to Sun 5th Sept 17

First day in the streak where something ended up in my heel. I think it was a bit of a thorn. It came out with a bit of persuasion once I got back. Cut things short with 2.5 miles. Saturday was a barefoot mile just to see how it was. It was fine. Sunday was a 5 miler in Merrell bare Access around the Jumbles. Very wet. 8.5 miles total (3.5 barefoot). I am rounding up because I rounded down last time.

Day 63- 9 miles (4  barefoot) : Week 21 miles (16 barefoot) : Month 15 miles (10 miles) : Academic Year 180 miles (124 miles)

Monday 6th Nov 17

Frost everywhere. It looks cold out there. will be interested to see how I go and if gritters have been out. Rocksalt was a bit of a nightmare.

Day 64- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (15 miles) : Academic Year 185 miles (129 miles)

Tuesday 7th Nov 17

My feet are shredded from the rocksalt yesterday. It is in the arches. The salt had just been spread and the ground was dry. Left them tender. A mile this morning. It has rained so it will be interesting to see if the wetness on the road is just a load of unpleasant chemical which will burn. I will try and stay off it as much as I can and keep to the pavement. not easy in some places.

Day 65- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 21 miles (16 miles) : Academic Year 186 miles (130 miles)

Wed 8th Nov 17

It is a cold this morning and I saw the gritters out last night. I am going to run the first mile in Softstar Runamoks and then take them off and leave them there. The next 3 miles in un salted. then I will put them back on and run home for the same rock salted mile. See how this mix does for me.

It did well. The rocksalt was fresh and I could even feel it through the soles of the soft star’s. I took them off after a mile. My feet then felt cols for a little while but it felt good to be barefoot. My feet felt tender at times to the point where I wondered if I would make it round. I found out that the local estate puts salt down for residents and only grits on the up side of the road which helped. It was nice to put Runamoks on again for the last mile. Coldest morning of the year so far.

Day 66- 5 miles (3  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (9 barefoot) : Month 26 miles (19 miles) : Academic Year 191 miles (133 miles)

Thursday 9th Nov 17

A barefoot mile. left achilles doing well but a bit tight. Feeling good.

Day 67- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 12 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 27 miles (20 miles) : Academic Year 192 miles (134 miles)

Friday 10th Nov 17

Driving rain and cold this morning. first day of the year where I have ended up with painful and numb forearms. My feet felt cold before it started to rain. 11 stone 11 this morning which mens that I am gradually shedding a kind or two. i would like to be lighter and have less fat reserves round my middle. Ethnic that eating properly is the key along with regular running.  Plan 6 meals per week and cook them from scratch. Need to easy and fit in with our hectic lifestyle.

Day 68- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 13 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 28 miles (21 miles) : Academic Year 193 miles (135 miles)

Saturday 11th Nov 17

Blimey it was cold this morning. 1 mile before the football.

Day 69- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 14 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 29 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 194 miles (136 miles)

Sun 12th Nov 17

10 weeks in to this run streak and 10 miles in Merrell Bare Access. I felt fine for the first 7 miles and then my hip flexors started to protest. By the end, my stride length had dropped and I was struggling. Typing this I am OK but that was a challenge. Much further and I would have been walking.

Day 70- 10 miles (0  barefoot) : Week 24 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 39 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 204 miles (136 miles)

Mon 13th Nov 17

Week 11 starts with a very cold day. -2 or 3 I reckon. reports of very low temps out in the rural areas. We are up high and semi-rural. The cold doesn’t bother me as much as the rocksalt. Hip flexors OK although I did concentrate on keeping legs tucked slightly whilst i slept. this helps me usually and certainly did last night.

Day 71- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 44 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 209 miles (141 miles)

Tuesday 14th Nov 17

A wet day and a barefoot mile. Yesterday’s run was fine despite my hip flexors and being below zero. Feeling a little tight in the hips this morning. looking forward to loosening up.

Day 72- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 45 miles (28 miles) : Academic Year 210 miles (142 miles)

Wed 15th Nov 17

Up early and ready to run. It is part of my week and I am in a good routine. The biggest danger to that is not sleeping well and the biggest threat to that is falling asleep too early in the evening. I need to be doing something from 7:30 onwards until I go to sleep. I will set a reminder of myself.

Day 73- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 50 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 215 miles (147 miles)

Thursday 16th Nov 17

Pleasant mile in pitch black conditions. Rudy the golden Doodle made me jump out of my skin.

Day 74- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 51 miles (34 miles) : Academic Year 216 miles (148miles)

Friday 17th Nov 17

5 miles in the dark. Cold again this morning. Felt very tired yesterday. Stood on a stone coming round a corner. I just didn’t see it and I will be surprised if it isn’t very sore for a few days. Soft tissue injury. Outside of left sole just forward of centre. I have a also lost a bit of skin off underside tip of 4th toe on left foot. My feet were cold for first couple of miles and i think I lost a bit of feeling which will have led to a change in form.

Day 75- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 56 miles (39 miles) : Academic Year 221 miles (153 miles)

Sat 18th Nov 17

Didn’t run 2 miles this morning. Just ran the one which will mean 19 miles for the week. I can live with that. My foot is OK but I did have a splinter in my heel last night. Was sore but it was easy to get at and remove with swiss army knife.

Day 76- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 18 miles (18 barefoot) : Month 57 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 222 miles (154 miles)

Sunday 19th Nov 17

Cold morning with a very red sky before heading off to market. Feet tender at times. I think that was over wet ground in the cold conditions. Feeling pretty robust though.

Day 77- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 58 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 223 miles (155 miles)

Monday 20th Nov 17

Didn’t run this morning and fallen off waggon with food. Need to get back on it in the morning. Back in routine of work which is good. Just a mile barefoot in the pitch black rain. Darkest that I can remember.

Day 78- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 59 miles (42 miles) : Academic Year 224 miles (156 miles)

Tuesday 21st Nov 17

A mile barefoot in the rain and dark this morning. I love the sight of the lights down below in Dunscar. I feel like I am long in the tooth to be going out running in the driving rain for an hour. I remember reading a triathlon book about that where the guy said he headed for the pool when the weather was awful. To be honest, it wasn’t to bad once I was out in it. Not a good day food wise again.

Day 79- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (43 miles) : Academic Year 225 miles (157 miles)

Wed 22nd Nov to Sunday 26th Nov 17

Ran a mile at day. Full of a cold and felt awful mostly. I was glad of the barefoot miles but also ran in Runamoks in the snow. They are excellent. Back to normal tomorrow.

Day 80 to 84- 5 miles (3 barefoot) : Week 7 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 67 miles (46 miles) : Academic Year 230 miles (160 miles)

Monday 27th Nov 17

Back to normal this morning. will run barefoot and carry Runamoks for a bit if I feel the need, Gritters were out yesterday but then it rained most of the day which should have washed the rocksalt away.

Day 85- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 72 miles (51 miles) : Academic Year 235 miles (165 miles)

Tuesday 28th Nov 17

Very cold this morning. Feet shredded from yesterday. I think I got a good example of cold induced vasodilation this morning. Things were very cold and then in the last few hundred yards of the run, my feet felt suddenly like they had been dipped in warm water. Feet feel anything but robust. It will be interesting to see how the 5 miler goes tomorrow.

Day 86- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 73 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 236 miles (166 miles)

Wed 29th Nov 17

Heel is tender this morning so i think I will go in shoes and see how I go. It is cold and the rocksalt will be everywhere.

Day 87- 5 miles (0 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 78 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 241 miles (166 miles)

Thursday 30th Nov 17

November ended with stiff hips after the run in Altras yesterday that felt like a problem in my right groin. Day 88- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 79 miles (53 miles) : Academic Year 242 miles (167 miles)










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