Friday 1st December 17

5 miles this morning in a mixture of Runamoks and barefoot. It was -2C and the ground way dry and full of rocksalt. a bad combination. I did a few deep squats beforehand and this helped open up my hip a bit which has felt very tight. Ended up enjoying the run. The morning sky was like a christmas card.

Day 89- 5 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (9 barefoot) : Month 5 miles (2 miles) : Academic Year 247 miles (169 miles)

Sat 2nd Dec 17 & Sunday 3rd December 17

2 barefoot miles to keep things loose. Hip tight again. I think it is the settee.

Day 90&91- 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 7 miles (4 miles) : Academic Year 249 miles (171 miles)

Mon 4th Dec to Sat 23rd December 17

Ra a mile a day for these 20 days. the snow hit and the ground was not fit for barefooting. I ran mostly in Runamoks which were excellent. I fell one day and landed on hip. Very sore. Last 3 days were back to barefoot and then I ran a mile in Runamoks again. Get Christmas out of way and start getting out a  it further and in more interesting places.

Days 92 to 111 – 20 miles (3 barefoot): Month 27 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 269 miles (174)

Sun 24th Dec to Tuesday 26th Dec 17

Barefoot smiling still in the wet weather. Mix of barefoot and not.

Days 112 to 114 – 3 miles (1 barefoot): Month 30 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 272 miles (176)

Wed 27th Dec 17

Had a bit of a blast around the Entwistle just as it was coming light. 0C and windy. Despite not running further than a mile for a while, I felt sprightly. I went for it. Kept cadence high and although I tired, I was still keeping it high all the way round. Felt surprisingly good. 18 minutes and 52 seconds. Pretty good and makes me feel that a Parkrun would be interesting.

Days 115 – 2.5 miles (0 barefoot): Month 33miles (11 Miles) : Academic year 275 miles (176)

Thursday 28th and Friday 29th Dec 17

Proper snow so just went for a bit of a run in Runamoks. Cold!!

Days 116 &117 – 2 miles (0 barefoot): Month 35miles (11 Miles) : Academic year 277 miles (176)

Sat 30th December 17

Drove to parkrun  but it was cancelled. ram 3 miles in Merrells. Along path into town across the bridges and back. Feel good.

Day 118 – 3 miles (0 barefoot): Month 38 miles (11 Miles) : Academic year 280 miles (176)

Sun Dec 31st 17

A quick mile barefoot in the dark. Cold!!

Day 119 – 1 miles (1 barefoot): Month 39 miles (12 Miles) : Academic year 281 miles (177)





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