Monday 1st Jan 18

Started 2018 at 12stone exactly and with a Parkrun in 24 mins 50 secs. Took it easy at first and then couldn’t have gone much faster. A good way to start the year. felt left calf a little. Need to do some barefooting. A sugar free Christmas and new year. Feel good for it.

Day 120 – 4 miles (0 barefoot): Month 4 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 285 miles (177): Year 4 (0)

Tuesday 3rd Jan 18

Very stiff left ankle and tight achilles. Feels a little better after a mile of barefooting but not much. I think  need to loosen up this ankle somehow.

Day 121 – 1 miles (1 barefoot): Month 5 miles (1 Miles) : Academic year 286 miles (178): Year 5 (1)

Wed 4th Jan 18

A bit wheezy this morning. I think it may have been some soup I ate last night which had some sugar hidden in there…or I am about to start with a cold.

Storm Eleanor has also hit and we have high winds here in the West Pennines. Combined with stiff ankle and need to be out early just led me to a barefoot mile to keep loosening things up. Felt a struggle to be honest. The sugar has almost gone from my diet but I might have tipped too far into the carbs. Will try and get the balance back a bit.

Day 122 – 1 miles (1 barefoot): Month 6 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 287 miles (179): Year 6 (2)

Thursday 5th Jan to Sunday 7th Jan 18

Feel sore in lower leg. It was cold and barefooting meant my feet went numb. Numb feet are dumb feet and I end up curling my toes up so that i don’t scrape them. This meant that my shin were sore. Just been running miles. 3 barefoot and the last in Runamoks.

Day 123 to 126 4 miles (3 barefoot): Month 10 miles (5 Miles) : Academic year 291 miles (182): Year 10 (5)

Monday 8th Jan 18

First day back at school in 2018 and committed to running moe than a mile this morning. It is very cold and will be icy so will be in Runamoks. I reckon I will do a couple of miles 3 times this week to raise the miles gradually during January.

2 miles in Runamoks including a very big hill. No problem but puffing and panting a bit afterwards. Very slippy undefoot.

Day 127 – 2 miles (0 barefoot): Month 12 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 293 miles (179): Year 12 (2)

Tuesday 9th Jan 18

Not as cold this morning and very dry so ran a mile barefoot to keep things moving in my lower legs. Focussed on not curling up toes this morning as I think that this was responsible for the aching in my shins. Completely dark at some points and could feel some ice beneath my feet so has to really concentrate on toes. the fear comes from making skin off top of middle toe as it drags underneath. Happens rarely but enough that i can still feel the pain.

Street lights interesting. the only ones that i can see in the distance are the old orange ones. the new LED white lights are not visible from above.

Day 128 – 1 miles (1 barefoot): Month 13 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 294 miles (180): Year 13 (3)

Wed 10th Jan 17

2 miles in the wet weather this morning. Not as cold.Mind racing with all sorts of things but running helps. I will run barefoot tomorrow to see if rocksalt has been washed away.

Day 129 – 2 miles (0 barefoot): Month 15 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 296 miles (180): Year 15 (3)

Thursday 11th and Friday 12th Jan 17

Icy and slippy on Thursday and ran a mile in Runamoks. Gritters out on Thursday night so ran a couple of miles on Friday morning in Runamoks. Just taking time and enjoying being out in the early morning fresh air. Will up the mileage a little next week.

Day 130 &131 – 3 miles (0 barefoot): Month 18 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 299 miles (180): Year 18 (3)

Sat 13th – Mon 15th Jan 18

3 barefoot runs of a mile to keep things going. This morning was meant to be 3 miles but it was foul. Driving rain and very cold. Just ran a mile instead and will run the 3 tomorrow. The niggles and aches have gone away and I am able to walk down the stairs in the morning OK without hanging on to anything!!! Progress.

Day 132- 134 – 3 miles (3 barefoot): Month 21 miles (6 Miles) : Academic year 302 miles (183): Year 21 (6)

Tuesday 16th Jan 18

Ran to work this morning as car was in garage. It was cold but enjoyed it. Ran in Merrels. Then ran to garage after work. Could feel it in right calf on way in to work. I reckon that it might be the continual downhill. 7 miles in total. I like running as a mode of transport.

Day 135 – 7 miles (0 barefoot): Month 28 miles (6 Miles) : Academic year 309 miles (183): Year 28 (6)

Wed 17th Jan 17

Snowed last night and it is foul out there. Slushy and slippy. I have no reaction to yesterdays’ run at all. I feel fine and full of running which was surprise as it was a small jump in mileage. Runamoks which are still in amazing shape. Almost like I have never worn them.

Day 136 – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Month 29 miles (6 Miles) : Academic year 310 miles (183): Year 29 (6)

Thursday 18th Jan 18

3 miles this morning. It was cold but not as bad as over past few days. Even so, the rocksalt meant that I was in Merrell Bare Access. No niggles anywhere and had to slow myself down and enjoy it a bit. I have had 2 nights of eating out and managed to stick to no sugar. I am not obsessed. I still had things with a bit of sauce on knowing that they would have bit of sugar in but I didn’t have dessert, chocolate or avoidable things like ketchup. At work, I get to a point in the afternoon where I feel hungry but don’t want to eat. I am going to try drinking today at this point. I reckon that I am thirsty and not really hungry.

Day 137 – 3 miles (0 barefoot): Month 32 miles (6 Miles) : Academic year 313 miles (183): Year 32 (6)

Friday 19th – Sun 21st Jan 18

Forgot about the drinking and ended up with same feeling again. It has been snowy and cold over the past 3 days. Ran a mile on Friday morning in Runamoks and then 3 miles around Smithies on Saturday morning in Merrel bare Access. I set off straight up the Deane and enjoyed the mile uphill challenge. Then a mile in Runamoks before a market this morning. Enjoying running at the moment.

Day 138-140 – 5 miles (0 barefoot): Month 37 miles (6 Miles) : Academic year 318 miles (183): Year 37 (6)

Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd Jan 18

4 miles in bare access one day followed by a barefoot mile the day after. Niggle in right hip after Monday. Felt the need to go barefoot to smooth that out.

Day 141-142 – 5 miles (1 barefoot): Month 42 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 323 miles (184): Year 42 (7)

Wed 24th Jan 18

Up early and out for 4 miles in torrential rain. Soaked to the skin and having fun. Not cold at all. Ran first mile in Runamoks to avoid rocksalt then 2 miles barefoot finishing with a shod mile at the end. Hip feels fine. The motivation is about keeping weight in check and weighing in on Feb 1st.

Day 143 – 4 miles (2 barefoot): Month 46 miles (9 Miles) : Academic year 327 miles (188): Year 46 (9)

Thursday 25th Jan 18

A barefoot mile this morning. Kept it slow and form loose and good. These barefoot runs are the stretching between my longer runs. It was noticeably colder than yesterday again and my soles were really on fire on a section that had no rocksalt. Pretty intense but then went away when back on dry road again. Unusual.

Day 144 – 1 miles (1 barefoot): Month 47 miles (10 Miles) : Academic year 328 miles (189): Year 47 (10)

Friday 26th Jan 18

4 miles this morning. 2 barefoot and 2 in Runamoks. Feet are feeling the burn. I reckon that it is just doing a bit more barefoot in combination with a bit of rocksalt. I was full of running and the miles slipped past with no recollection of the run. Keeps me level.

Day 145 – 4 miles (2 barefoot): Month 51 miles (12 Miles) : Academic year 332 miles (191): Year 51 (12)

Sat 27th to Mon 29th Jan 18

3 lots of miles. 2 in Runamoks and one barefoot. Weather very rainy this morning so just did a mile. Bit of tightness in right achilles which is unexpected. maybe just the little upscale in mileage last wee and just getting used to it.

Day 146-148  – 3 miles (1 barefoot): Month 54 miles (13 Miles) : Academic year 335 miles (192): Year 54 (13)

Tuesday 30th – Wed 31st Jan 18

2 barefoot miles. When I miss the Monday run it throws things out. Need to make it non-negotihtble even in the rain. Not too worried. I feel OK and am in no rush to do loads of miles.

Day 149-150  – 2 miles (2 barefoot): Month 56 miles (15 Miles) : Academic year 337 miles (194): Year 56 (15)






3 thoughts on “Running Log – January 18”

  1. Hey, Chris.

    Have you tried Active Isolated Stretching ( I’ve found it really helpful, before and after runs.

    Also, if you’re having trouble with your Achilles (I’m working through that too), you might want to look into heavy-load eccentric exercises: I’ve done them in the past and found they do work. Although, you’ve got to identify what kind of tendonosis (the location in your tendon) you have. If it’s insertional, you just do straight leg drops to the ground, not below the level of a step. Do a bit of reading though to figure out whether that’s really your problem. Could just be tight muscles down the back of your leg.

    Hope that helps.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks Chris – I find that if I ditch the shoes again and run barefoot, the gentle stretching helps a lot. It is the ankle that feels stiff more than anything. Not stopping me running but something to work on.

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