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Running Log – February 18

Thursday 1st Feb 18

A mile on the ice in Runamoks. Starting Feb at 1st albs which is down from 12stone on 1st Jan. Progress. Not done anything other than cut out sugar. Onwards.

Day 151  – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Month 1 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 338 miles (194): Year 57 (15)

Friday 2nd to Monday 5th Feb 18

A mile each day. 2 barefoot one one in Runamoks. Icy and cold. Got something stuck in arch of left foot. Small and sore. Think I have got it out. The 4 miles in Runamoks on Monday morning to get back on it. So tempting to get back in bed.

Day 152 to 155 – 7 miles (2 barefoot): Month 8 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 345 miles (196): Year 64 (17)

Tuesday 6th and Wed 7th Feb 18

A mile barefoot in -1C. Felt cold but it was dry. Good to be barefooting. Wed is a 4 miler. Tired but up ready. It is the rain that stops me running.

Day 156 to 157 – 5 miles (1 barefoot): Month 13 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 350 miles (197): Year 69 (18)

Thursday 8th and Friday 9th Feb 18

A mile in Runamoks and then 4 miles this morning in the rain in a Runamoks. Feeling good and light and full of running. better for sticking to the plan. It was -5C on Wednesday. I knew it was cold and it took my breath away.

I am eating porridge for breakfast. Cheese and fruit during the day and then a meal in the evening. No hunger pangs really.

Day 158 to 159 – 5 miles (0 barefoot): Month 18 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 355 miles (197): Year 74 (18)

Sat 10th to Tuesday 13th Feb 14

Sat, Sun and Monday were simple mile runs in Runamoks. Lots of snow around and very slippy. Tuesday was a 5 miler in Runamoks. Still, cold, icy and full of rocksalt. Didn’t want to go, a big heavy legged but glad I did. Feel better for it.

Day 160 to 161 – 8 miles (0 barefoot): Month 26 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 363 miles (197): Year 82 (18)

Wed 14th Feb 18

A mile in Runamoks. Very cold and big sheets of ice to negotiate. Can feel a slight solid spot in left calf and think that I will need to be barefooting soon. Feeling sprightly though.

Day 162 – 1 mile (0 barefoot): Month 27 miles (3 Miles) : Academic year 364 miles (197): Year 83 (18)

Thursday 15th to Mon 19th Feb 18

Barefoot miles in the horrible February weather. 5 in total. Dreaming of a bit of dry weather. They are closing off my normal route for 14 weeks. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

Day 163 – 167 – 5 mile (5 barefoot): Month 32 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 369 miles (202): Year 88 (23)

Tuesday 20th Feb 18

5.5 brilliant miles in the wet weather around the Entwistle and way in Altras. Enjoyed a bit of a boat. Just under 9 minute miles in all.

Day 168 – 5 miles (0 barefoot): Month 37 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 374 miles (202): Year 93 (23)

Wed 21st Feb 18

Was up for a run in the Lakes. Ended up running a round of the Lords Seat Group near Whinlatter Pass. Awesome weather and good running conditions. 6 miles in Inov8 fell shoes. Felt amazing. Looking forward to pack lunch all the way round.

Day 169 – 6 miles (0 barefoot): Month 43 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 380 miles (202): Year 99 (23)





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