Thursday 1st March 18

-6C again this morning and another mile in Runamoks. Cold takes the breath away. Not many miles in Feb but I have not felt under any pressure. I am still losing a little weight and this will improve more as I up the miles towards 100 a month. Another couple of pounds. I am eating OK. I am still not eating any obvious sugar or processed foods and we have settled into a weekly routine of meals that I enjoy cooking and add a bit of variety. 1st albs which is another 2 pounds at least. maybe more but it all downward trend from 12stone on the 1st Jan.

Not many days until half-way through the academic year. That would be about day 183

Day 177 – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Month 1 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 392 miles (207): Year 111 (28)

Friday 2nd March 18

Bitterly cold night and the wind was something else this morning as I did a mile in Renames. It nearly took me off my feet and then blew me very fast down the road when it was behind me. The roads are dry and atmosphere is too. A bit like being away in the Alps. A bit of discomfort high up in achilles. It is difficult to run without tension at the moment. takes concentration.

Day 178 – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Month 2 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 393 miles (207): Year 112 (28)

Sat 3rd March 18

No new snow but still very cold. ran from Smithills on a 3 mile hilly loop. Felt good. always surprised at how well my cardio fitness does on a mile a day. It is much better than I think it should be. No niggles anywhere and running well and free.

Day 179 – 3 miles (0 barefoot): Month 5 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 398 miles (207): Year 116 (28)

Sun 4th March 18 to Wed 7th March 18

A set of mile and bits including some runs around Birmingham City centre after watching World Indoor Athletic Championships and then staying on for conference. 5 miles in total.

Weather has broken and I have also passed through the half-way point in the academic year.

Day 180 to 183 – 5 miles (1 barefoot): Month 10 miles (1 Miles) : Academic year 403 miles (208): Year 121 (29)

Thursday and Friday 8th and 9th March 18

A couple of miles. One barefoot and one in Runamoks.

Day 184 to 185 – 2 miles (1 barefoot): Month 12 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 405 miles (209): Year 123 (30)

Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th March 18

Just fancied running some hills so ran about 3 around the village on Saturday morning. Pushed it hard up every hill and felt good afterwards so decided to create and Egerton Hills route for about an hour’s running. In Runamoks

Set off with bit of a plan on Sunday morning in Merrell Bare Access. I ran hard up every hill and took every side road down or up. It was fun and I ran hard for an hour exactly. Just a shade over 6 miles.

Day 186 to 187 – 9 miles (0 barefoot): Week 15 (1) Month 21 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 414 miles (209): Year 132 (30)

Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th March 18

Monday was a barefoot mile to loosen things up after the had running at the weekend. It was cold and my feet felt it. It was a combination of cold water underfoot and rocksalt.

Tuesday was my normal 5 miler in Softstar Runamoks. I ran hard and pushed up the hills. I decided to take them off and carry them for the last mile to slow myself down a bit and give my calves chance to recover.

Day 188 to 189 – 6 miles (2 barefoot): Week 6 (2) Month 27 miles (4 Miles) : Academic year 420 miles (211): Year 138 (32)

Wed 14th March 18

A barefoot mile this morning and the gritters had been out again and left lots of rocksalt on very dry roads. like millions of pieces of tiny broken glass. Not pleasant to run on.

Day 190 – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Week 7 (3) Month 28 miles (5 Miles) : Academic year 421 miles (212): Year 139 (33)

Thursday 15th to Friday 16th March 18

Woke up to during rain so changed plan and just ran a mile barefoot. Later i ran 4 miles from dan’s football training in Merrell Bare Access. It felt easy and it a change running amongst early evening commuters. Took about 38 mins.

Friday was just a simple barefoot mile in the cold but dry conditions. The rocksalt had melted so although still a little burn, it wasn’t the shards as before. Much easier. I felt like I needed to ease my legs from the day before. Thinking about 20 mile weeks and geneva marathon. Dream on.

Day 191-192 – 6 miles (2 barefoot): Week 13 (5) Month 34 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 427 miles (214): Year 145 (35)

Sat 17th March 18

It started to snow just as I was leaving the house this morning to run the Egerton hills. 6.6 miles according to mapometer. 63 mins 39 secs. Enjoyed it but it was tough. In Merrell Bare Access. No issues anywhere other than perhaps a slight twinge or two in right hip/groin area.

Day 193 – 7 miles (0 barefoot): Week 20 (5) Month 41 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 434 miles (214): Year 152 (35)

Sunday 18th March 18

Deepest snow we have had in a long time. It meant no Hoghton Tower which is unheard of for us. Ran a mile in Bare Access. Feeling full of running at the moment and want to get out there and run hard.

Day 194 – 1 miles (0 barefoot): Week 21 (5) Month 42 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 435 miles (214): Year 153 (35)

Mon 19th & Tuesday 20th March 18

A mile in Runamoks followed by 5 miles in Merrells. After tonights run with people from work, I have serious hot pain in left ankle. It is not going away. Not sure where it has come from other than it may be compensating for a bit of groin and hip pain on right.

Day 195 & 196 – 6 miles (0 barefoot): Week 6 (0) Month 48 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 441 miles (214): Year 159 (35)




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