Sunday 1st April 18

A ten miler over Cadshaw in glorious cold sunshine this morning. I was surprised at how well I went up the long gradients. I am definitely fitter than I have been for some time. Felt easy. Merely on feet and muddy underfoot. Bit slippy at some points.

Weigh in was 11 stone 7 lbs which felt heavier than I expected. Not too worried as I have been getting comments about weight loss and I feel like clothes are baggier. I am not sure how this compares to last month as the record did a predictive text thing and I can;t remember what I was.

Day 207 – 10 miles (0 barefoot) Week 20 (3) Month 10 miles (0 Miles) : Academic year 476 miles (223): Year 194 (44)

Monday 2nd April 18

A mile in cold wet conditions this morning before Hoghton Tower market. It was mean to snow but just turned into icy rain instead. Joy.

Day 208 – 1 miles (1 barefoot) Week 1 (1) Month 11 miles (1 Miles) : Academic year 477 miles (224): Year 195 (45)

Tuesday 3rd April 18

Ended up in Runamoks this morning. Weather still foul and struggling for motivation a bit. Lots to get done in holidays. Need a plan but can’t seem to get round to one. New settee arrived today so couldn’t go out much further as I was waiting for the lorry to arrive. Tweaked shoulder lifting the old settee. Sore in evening.

Spagetti Carbonara for tea tonight. Dry fried bacon lardons with some chicken pieces and garlic. Cooked spaghetti whilst mixing grated cheese, double cream and 3 eggs. Drained spagetti and added back to pan. Combined with all other ingredients and seasoned with pepper and a little salt. went down pretty well with everyone. Made a mess of hob. next time, will use try with shell pasta and see how they like that.

Day 209 – 1 miles (0 barefoot) Week 2 (1) Month 12 miles (1 Miles) : Academic year 478 miles (224): Year 196 (45)

Wed 4th April 18

10 weeks until the 10k so 800m reps today.

Warmed up with 1.5 miles and then straight into 4x800m reps. Watch didn’t work on first rep but felt fast and easy. 2nd – 3:15, 3rd-3:17, 4th-3:18. If I had guessed at what I would be able to do beforehand. I would have said about 3:15 pace. I couldn’t have gone much faster. I was spent a the end. I concentrated on cadence and keeping git high rather than powering my way through. Everything feels fine afterwards. 1.5 miles to cool down.

Day 210 – 5 miles (0 barefoot) Week 7 (1) Month 17 miles (1 Miles) : Academic year 483 miles (224): Year 201 (45)

Thursday 5th April 18

A barefoot mile on fresh rocksalt again this morning. It felt good to be slow and barefoot. I could feel everything around my left ankle loosening up. Off for a walk now around Clitheroe with my dad and lad. Suggested short route by Nathan from Exchange Coffee Co.

Day 211 – 1 miles (1 barefoot) Week 8 (2) Month 18 miles (2 Miles) : Academic year 484 miles (225): Year 202 (46)

Friday 6th April 18

5 barefoot miles this morning and my feet feel robust and strong. I felt like I needed the barefooting to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Day 212 – 5 miles (5 barefoot) Week 13 (7) Month 23 miles (7 Miles) : Academic year 489 miles (229): Year 207 (51)

Sat 7th April 18

A barefoot mile in the rain this morning. Feet still feeling good. getting a bit of a barefoot burn on the downhills when it is steep and stiffness around ankle is there but manageable.

Day 213 – 1 miles (1 barefoot) Week 14 (8) Month 24 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 490 miles (230): Year 208 (52)

Sun 8th April 18

10 miles in the West Pennine Moors this morning around Irvington. Called in to see Ben at Rivington Brewing Co. for a chat about hops.

Now 500 miles into the academic year. Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March. Got a week short of 5 months to run the next 500 miles. 100 miles a month plus about 25 miles. Need to make up 25 miles from somewhere. 20 weeks and 5 days. Straight 25 miles a week with 5 days left in August to get there.

Day 214 – 10 miles (0 barefoot) Week 24 (8) Month 34 miles (8 Miles) : Academic year 500 miles (230): Year 218 (52)

Mon 9th April 18

Got up early and didn’t know what I was going to run today. In the end, I did a 5 mile barefoot run to loosen everything off from yesterday. I feel better for it. Barefooting is gentle and therapeutic. My left ankle and achilles area isn’t done but feels like it has been working hard. It is more a big block of stiffness.

Day 215 – 5 miles (5 barefoot) Week 5 (5) Month 39 miles (13 Miles) : Academic year 505 miles (235): Year 223 (58)

Tues and Wed 10th and 11th April 18

A barefoot mile each day. Feel loose. I really enjoyed today’s mile. I felt sluggish at start (ate last thing) and took time. It felt easy and gentle by the end.

Day 216-217 – 2 miles (2 barefoot) Week 7 (7) Month 41 miles (15 Miles) : Academic year 507 miles (237): Year 225 (60)

Thursday 12th April 18

10 miles in Bare Access around Lead Mines Clough, Spittlers Edge, Healey Nab and White Coppice. Felt good afterwards.

Day 218 – 10 miles (0 barefoot) Week 17 (7) Month 51 miles (15 Miles) : Academic year 517 miles (237): Year 235 (60)








Friday 13th to Sunday 15th April 18

Mile in Runamoks in Stafford then 2 miles to retrieve car on Saturday morning in bare Access then a barefoot mile on Sunday morning. left anke, achilles area is stiff and feel weak. Done too much.

Day 219-221 – 4 miles (1 barefoot) Week 21 (8) Month 55 miles (16 Miles) : Academic year 521 miles (238): Year 239 (61)

Monday and Tuesday 16th and 17th April 18

Lethargic and tired legs. I think that I have jumped up the mileage too quickly. So a bit of barefooting to get myself back in line. A mile on Monday and 5 miles on Tuesday. I could easily have stayed in bed on Tuesday.

Day 222 and 223 – 6 miles (6 barefoot) Week 6 (6) Month 61 miles (22 Miles) : Academic year 527 miles (244): Year 245 (67)

Wed and Thursday 18th and 19th April 18

A barefoot mile on Wednesday. I am still feeling a niggle in left lower calf.

On Thursday it was 1.5 miles warmup followed by 3x800m reps. first one done in 3:06 which was fast. I put everything into it and concentrated on form and upped my game whenever I felt myself sliding into easing off. 2nd and 3rd where 3:16 and 3:14 and they were tough. The 3rd felt like I was running on empty. I am fatigued. 2 mile cool down.

Day 224 & 225 – 6 miles (1 barefoot) Week 12 (7) Month 67 miles (23 Miles) : Academic year 533 miles (245): Year 251 (68)

Friday, Sat, Sunday 20th-22nd April 18

Friday was barefoot mile. Played a bit of football with the children too. My left achilles and ankle is struggling. My left wrist is also very sore. It may have been my attempt on the monkey bars. I had forgotten about that.

Saturday was a run round the 7 mile chimney route. Very cut up in one of the fields where there are now horses. I pushed it round and felt pretty quick before heading off on the Wigan beer bus. Sunday, I was up early to retrieve the car and ran a 5 miler in Bare Access. I felt light on my feet and enjoyed it.

Day 226 to 228 – 13 miles (1 barefoot) Week 25 (8) Month 80 miles (24 Miles) : Academic year 546 miles (246): Year 264 (69)



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