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Dec 01

Running Log – December 17

Friday 1st December 17

5 miles this morning in a mixture of Runamoks and barefoot. It was -2C and the ground way dry and full of rocksalt. a bad combination. I did a few deep squats beforehand and this helped open up my hip a bit which has felt very tight. Ended up enjoying the run. The morning sky was like a christmas card.

Day 89- 5 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (9 barefoot) : Month 5 miles (2 miles) : Academic Year 247 miles (169 miles)

Sat 2nd Dec 17 & Sunday 3rd December 17

2 barefoot miles to keep things loose. Hip tight again. I think it is the settee.

Day 90&91- 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 7 miles (4 miles) : Academic Year 249 miles (171 miles)


Nov 01

Running Log – November 17

Wed 1st Nov 17

Up early for the first day of November, Legs and ankles stiff. Feeling a lack of flexibility. I might need to do some squats.

Day 59- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 5 miles (5 miles) : Academic Year 170 miles (119 miles)

Thursday 2nd Nov 17

Very tired at the moment and not responding well when the chimp wants a cookie or piece of cake. need an autopilot response to go to. Maybe get a drink of water and hunt out the inhaler and headache tablets that i will need if I have it.

Day 60- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 6 miles (6 miles) : Academic Year 171 miles (120 miles)

Friday 3rd Nov 17 to Sun 5th Sept 17

First day in the streak where something ended up in my heel. I think it was a bit of a thorn. It came out with a bit of persuasion once I got back. Cut things short with 2.5 miles. Saturday was a barefoot mile just to see how it was. It was fine. Sunday was a 5 miler in Merrell bare Access around the Jumbles. Very wet. 8.5 miles total (3.5 barefoot). I am rounding up because I rounded down last time.

Day 63- 9 miles (4  barefoot) : Week 21 miles (16 barefoot) : Month 15 miles (10 miles) : Academic Year 180 miles (124 miles)

Monday 6th Nov 17

Frost everywhere. It looks cold out there. will be interested to see how I go and if gritters have been out. Rocksalt was a bit of a nightmare.

Day 64- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (15 miles) : Academic Year 185 miles (129 miles)

Tuesday 7th Nov 17

My feet are shredded from the rocksalt yesterday. It is in the arches. The salt had just been spread and the ground was dry. Left them tender. A mile this morning. It has rained so it will be interesting to see if the wetness on the road is just a load of unpleasant chemical which will burn. I will try and stay off it as much as I can and keep to the pavement. not easy in some places.

Day 65- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 21 miles (16 miles) : Academic Year 186 miles (130 miles)

Wed 8th Nov 17

It is a cold this morning and I saw the gritters out last night. I am going to run the first mile in Softstar Runamoks and then take them off and leave them there. The next 3 miles in un salted. then I will put them back on and run home for the same rock salted mile. See how this mix does for me.

It did well. The rocksalt was fresh and I could even feel it through the soles of the soft star’s. I took them off after a mile. My feet then felt cols for a little while but it felt good to be barefoot. My feet felt tender at times to the point where I wondered if I would make it round. I found out that the local estate puts salt down for residents and only grits on the up side of the road which helped. It was nice to put Runamoks on again for the last mile. Coldest morning of the year so far.

Day 66- 5 miles (3  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (9 barefoot) : Month 26 miles (19 miles) : Academic Year 191 miles (133 miles)

Thursday 9th Nov 17

A barefoot mile. left achilles doing well but a bit tight. Feeling good.

Day 67- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 12 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 27 miles (20 miles) : Academic Year 192 miles (134 miles)

Friday 10th Nov 17

Driving rain and cold this morning. first day of the year where I have ended up with painful and numb forearms. My feet felt cold before it started to rain. 11 stone 11 this morning which mens that I am gradually shedding a kind or two. i would like to be lighter and have less fat reserves round my middle. Ethnic that eating properly is the key along with regular running.  Plan 6 meals per week and cook them from scratch. Need to easy and fit in with our hectic lifestyle.

Day 68- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 13 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 28 miles (21 miles) : Academic Year 193 miles (135 miles)

Saturday 11th Nov 17

Blimey it was cold this morning. 1 mile before the football.

Day 69- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 14 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 29 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 194 miles (136 miles)

Sun 12th Nov 17

10 weeks in to this run streak and 10 miles in Merrell Bare Access. I felt fine for the first 7 miles and then my hip flexors started to protest. By the end, my stride length had dropped and I was struggling. Typing this I am OK but that was a challenge. Much further and I would have been walking.

Day 70- 10 miles (0  barefoot) : Week 24 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 39 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 204 miles (136 miles)

Mon 13th Nov 17

Week 11 starts with a very cold day. -2 or 3 I reckon. reports of very low temps out in the rural areas. We are up high and semi-rural. The cold doesn’t bother me as much as the rocksalt. Hip flexors OK although I did concentrate on keeping legs tucked slightly whilst i slept. this helps me usually and certainly did last night.

Day 71- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 44 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 209 miles (141 miles)

Tuesday 14th Nov 17

A wet day and a barefoot mile. Yesterday’s run was fine despite my hip flexors and being below zero. Feeling a little tight in the hips this morning. looking forward to loosening up.

Day 72- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 45 miles (28 miles) : Academic Year 210 miles (142 miles)

Wed 15th Nov 17

Up early and ready to run. It is part of my week and I am in a good routine. The biggest danger to that is not sleeping well and the biggest threat to that is falling asleep too early in the evening. I need to be doing something from 7:30 onwards until I go to sleep. I will set a reminder of myself.

Day 73- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 50 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 215 miles (147 miles)

Thursday 16th Nov 17

Pleasant mile in pitch black conditions. Rudy the golden Doodle made me jump out of my skin.

Day 74- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 51 miles (34 miles) : Academic Year 216 miles (148miles)

Friday 17th Nov 17

5 miles in the dark. Cold again this morning. Felt very tired yesterday. Stood on a stone coming round a corner. I just didn’t see it and I will be surprised if it isn’t very sore for a few days. Soft tissue injury. Outside of left sole just forward of centre. I have a also lost a bit of skin off underside tip of 4th toe on left foot. My feet were cold for first couple of miles and i think I lost a bit of feeling which will have led to a change in form.

Day 75- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 56 miles (39 miles) : Academic Year 221 miles (153 miles)

Sat 18th Nov 17

Didn’t run 2 miles this morning. Just ran the one which will mean 19 miles for the week. I can live with that. My foot is OK but I did have a splinter in my heel last night. Was sore but it was easy to get at and remove with swiss army knife.

Day 76- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 18 miles (18 barefoot) : Month 57 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 222 miles (154 miles)

Sunday 19th Nov 17

Cold morning with a very red sky before heading off to market. Feet tender at times. I think that was over wet ground in the cold conditions. Feeling pretty robust though.

Day 77- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 58 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 223 miles (155 miles)

Monday 20th Nov 17

Didn’t run this morning and fallen off waggon with food. Need to get back on it in the morning. Back in routine of work which is good. Just a mile barefoot in the pitch black rain. Darkest that I can remember.

Day 78- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 59 miles (42 miles) : Academic Year 224 miles (156 miles)

Tuesday 21st Nov 17

A mile barefoot in the rain and dark this morning. I love the sight of the lights down below in Dunscar. I feel like I am long in the tooth to be going out running in the driving rain for an hour. I remember reading a triathlon book about that where the guy said he headed for the pool when the weather was awful. To be honest, it wasn’t to bad once I was out in it. Not a good day food wise again.

Day 79- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (43 miles) : Academic Year 225 miles (157 miles)

Wed 22nd Nov to Sunday 26th Nov 17

Ran a mile at day. Full of a cold and felt awful mostly. I was glad of the barefoot miles but also ran in Runamoks in the snow. They are excellent. Back to normal tomorrow.

Day 80 to 84- 5 miles (3 barefoot) : Week 7 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 67 miles (46 miles) : Academic Year 230 miles (160 miles)

Monday 27th Nov 17

Back to normal this morning. will run barefoot and carry Runamoks for a bit if I feel the need, Gritters were out yesterday but then it rained most of the day which should have washed the rocksalt away.

Day 85- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 72 miles (51 miles) : Academic Year 235 miles (165 miles)

Tuesday 28th Nov 17

Very cold this morning. Feet shredded from yesterday. I think I got a good example of cold induced vasodilation this morning. Things were very cold and then in the last few hundred yards of the run, my feet felt suddenly like they had been dipped in warm water. Feet feel anything but robust. It will be interesting to see how the 5 miler goes tomorrow.

Day 86- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 73 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 236 miles (166 miles)

Wed 29th Nov 17

Heel is tender this morning so i think I will go in shoes and see how I go. It is cold and the rocksalt will be everywhere.

Day 87- 5 miles (0 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 78 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 241 miles (166 miles)

Thursday 30th Nov 17

November ended with stiff hips after the run in Altras yesterday that felt like a problem in my right groin. Day 88- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 79 miles (53 miles) : Academic Year 242 miles (167 miles)










Oct 01

Running Log – October 17

Sunday 1st October 17

Can’t believe it is October already. I ran every day from the 4th September, last month and did 79 miles. My aim is to run every day of October and top that.

Started with a gentle barefoot mile this morning to ease off a little niggle in my lower calf that cam about in the last few strides of yesterday’s run. I enjoyed being out in the drizzle. I always feel better for it. Now for a cup of coffee and a good book.

Day 1 mile (1) Week 20 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 1 miles (1 miles) : Academic Year 80 miles (44 miles)

Monday 2nd Oct 17

Woke up ready to go but with really tight right calf. Did a bit of light stretching but to no avail. Higher up in the body of calf that yesterdays tightness. During stretching left calf also felt a bit tight.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 6 miles (6 miles) : Academic Year 85 miles (49 miles)

Tuesday 3rd October 17

a mile barefoot this morning to iron out the wrinkles left after yesterday’s run. I went for a walk last night and felt a stiffness in my hip and tightened in right groin as though I have ebb hanging on with my toes in icy weather. I woke in the night with a dull ache in my hip. This morning, I have stiffness in calf, right arch and dull ache in hip. Seeing as barefooting is meant to be therapeutic, this was a surprise. i will see how things are after a little run.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 7 miles (7 miles) : Academic Year 86 miles (50 miles)

Wed 4th October 17

5 barefoot miles this morning and was full of running. I didn’t want to stop. No problems at any point and feet felt pretty robust after a while. A bit tender a first but then fine. Ground was dry which helps a lot.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 12 miles (12 miles) : Academic Year 90 miles (55 miles)

Thursday 5th Oct 17

A mile barefoot this morning. Not eating well. had a couple of sugary binges which have left me feeling sluggish and a bit unwell. Might be getting cold or it might just be the food. Also tired this morning. Up on time but a struggle. Still going to bed early. i am enjoying that. Determined not to burn the candle at both ends. A barefoot mile after a very wt and windy night out there. It was cold, Numb feet are dumb feet!

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 13 miles (13 miles) : Academic Year 91 miles (56 miles)

Friday 6th Oct 17

Tired this morning and struggled to get out of bed. Did though, so that is good. Right calf a little tight and I am enjoying the way my feet feel in between runs. They are developing and feel robust.

5 miles this morning barefoot in the cold and wet. I concentrated on form. I ran a bit like Parker from thunderbirds in best marionette action. I need to feel like I am lifting rather than pushing off and this helps. My feet were screaming after half a mile and I had to concentrate again. this time on keep everything in line and facing forwards. The temptation was to run but my body at a slight angle and I am not sure why. It immediately felt better every time I brought things back together.

Feet felt better on the second half of the run even though i was going over the same terrain. 5th week running, I have managed to do three 5 mile runs before work. I must be doing something right when it comes to motivation. I don’t want to stop. I want to be able to sit with coffee on Saturday morning and get some school work out of the way and not have to think about it on Sunday. Weather was cold and damp. The morning felt washed. Clear blue sky as dawn broke during the run. Glorious. Glad to be out int it. Didn’t want to stop in the end.

Day 5 mile  (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 18 miles (18 miles) : Academic Year 96 miles (61 miles)

Sat 7th Oct 17

2 miles barefoot to keep things running smoothly. I was aiming for puddles this morning so it must be warmer than yesterday when I was avoiding them.

Day 2 miles  (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (20 miles) : Academic Year 98 miles (63 miles)

Sun 8th Oct 17

First week in October done and ended with a barefoot mile whilst mashing in some grain for beer. Felt felt slightly tender yesterday but robust this morning. They are becoming accustomed to barefooting agin. Nothing in calf, before during or after. First week in a very long time since I have run exclusively barefoot and done 20 miles whilst running every day.

Day 1 miles  (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 21 miles (21 miles) : Academic Year 99 miles (64 miles)

Mon 9th October 17

Another week and a bit of a pointed pain in right cal as I wander around the house this morning before running. I think that it will go away. Started off slow and then became full of running. Feel felt really robust and although it was, i was running without any real barefoot burn. I could feel the ground but with no unpleasant sensations. Stood on a few objects and one reminded me of the soft tissue injury from a week or two ago. Seems to have gone altogether.

Day 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 26 miles (26 miles) : Academic Year 104 miles (69 miles)

Tuesday 10th Oct 17

That niggle in right calf is proper ands still there as I walk around the house before running. My eating has been poor for a little while. Carbs and sugar. Leaves me with a headache and wondering why I do it. This morning was in the dark. Not done that before this year so it must be drawing in. Still felt a bit niggly at the end. I wonder how i would be if I added a few stretches and squats.

Day 37 – 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 27 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 105 miles (70 miles)

Wed 11th Oct 17

I ate much better yesterday. Cheese and fruit during the day. I felt so much better for it. I at pasts for tea and that my throat itchy. I had no problem handling the carbs. It was the additives that went with it, I reckon.

I did a few light calf stretched whilst waiting for the kettle this morning and a few squats. I was able to do a full squat. Tight in the hips and groin but able.

Day 38 – 5 miles  (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 32 miles (32 miles) : Academic Year 110 miles (75 miles)

Thursday 12th Oct 17

A barefoot mile in the dark. Right calf niggle moved and is lower and more surface. I get the feeling that my feet and lower legs are getting more robust but the burn was there in my soles at times this morning. It was cold and I am wondering when the first frost will come. I enjoy these runs. My half way point slow down was a challenge this morning. for the second morning running, I have found it hard to stop my brain from racing. Work stuff mostly combined with pressure to bottle beer and get some college work done. Too much all at once, I think and my brain is in overdrive.

Day 39– 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 33 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 111miles (76 miles)

Friday 13th Oct 17

5 miles barefoot this morning. 6 weeks on the to that I have done 3 5milers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Good to have a routine and protect Saturday mornings for getting some school work done. Full of running and feeling more like it this morning. Dry underfoot and that always helps but it felt like running was just a state of being this morning. No effort to it. Sleep is important especially this far into a term. End of week 6 and children and staff are flagging. It is tempting to burn the candle at both tends and think that you will rest in the week off. It never happens. you just end up catching up in the holiday and not resting. i don’t want to do that. It is going to take some discipline over the coming week to keep things going and still get to bed on time.

Little niggle in calf but feeling OK. It is really mild for the time of year, I think.

Day 40- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 38 miles (38 miles) : Academic Year 116 miles (81 miles)

Sat 14th Oct 17

An enjoyable 2 mile barefoot run this morning. these always start slow ansI think that I am not going to get there and then the second mile just flies past. Day 41 – 2 miles (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 40 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 118 miles (83 miles)

Sun 15th Oct 17

A barefoot mile to finish of the 6th week of this little run streak. I have run exactly as planned.

Day 42- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 41 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 119 miles (84 miles)

Mon 16th Oct 17

Last week of half-term and I am up and ready to run.

Day 43- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 46 miles (46 miles) : Academic Year 124 miles (89 miles)

Tuesday 17th Oct 17

The wind outside kept everyone awake last night. Still up for a run in the dark this morning.

Day 44- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 47 miles (47 miles) : Academic Year 125 miles (90 miles)

Wed 18th Oct 17

A decent nights sleep. Listening to the Chimp Paradox in the car. It is excellent. 5 barefoot miles this morning to keep things going. Stood on a few stones this morning and expecting a bit of a reaction to that in my soft tissue. I was expecting to feel free, light and easy this morning but it was not like that. Not heavy legged but a bit laboured at times.

Day 45- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 52 miles (52 miles) : Academic Year 130 miles (95 miles)

Thursday 19th Oct 17

A mile this morning. Eating pretty well this week. Tired though. Important to respect that and keep sleeping properly. D

Day 46- 1 miles (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 53 miles (53 miles) : Academic Year 131 miles (96 miles)

Friday 20th Oct 17

Things going to plan. this is a whole half-term of running every day and 5 miles on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Looking forward to a week of getting out in the daylight with shoes on.

Today is a 5 mile barefoot run in the dark to push through 100 miles barefoot for the academic year.

Day 47- 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Week 17 miles (17 barefoot) : Month 58 miles (58 miles) : Academic Year 136 miles (101 miles)

Saturday 21st Oct 17

Ran OK this morning for a couple of barefoot miles. Right calf very stiff. I think I wouldn’t want to do too much more or it might cause a problem. It will be interesting when the really cold weather sets in to see how I cope with some in shoes.

Day 48- 2 mile (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (19 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (60 miles) : Academic Year 138 miles (103 miles)

Sunday 22nd Oct 17

Real Storm (Brian) yesterday playing havoc with everything.A barefoot mile to loosen things up.

Day 49- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 20 miles (20 barefoot) : Month 61 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 139 miles (104 miles)

Monday 23rd Oct 17

Bowfell today. No problem walking up there. Running every day has made me fit. Ran back down the Band in the rain. Again, no problem.

Day 50- 2 mile (0 barefoot) : Week 2 miles (0 barefoot) : Month 63 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 141 miles (104 miles)

Tuesday 24th Oct 17

7 miles from Abbey Village. Through to Sunnyhurst and then up and over Darwen Tower. Very poor weather. Legs sore.

Day 51- 7 miles (0 barefoot) : Week 9 miles (0 barefoot) : Month 70 miles (61 miles) : Academic Year 148 miles (104 miles)

Wed 25th Oct 17

A barefoot mile to loosen up the legs after a couple of heavy days. It is the quads and outside of hips that are suffering a bit. Not too much but enough. Enjoyed the mile and running through puddles. Mustn’t be too cold. Day 52- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 10 miles (1 barefoot) : Month 71 miles (62 miles) : Academic Year 149 miles (105 miles)

Thursday 26th Oct 17

6.5 miles around ASDA block this morning in Merrel Bare Access. Legs are heavy and felt like they have been bashed with a mallet. 60 mins exactly. Ended up thinking about building in a run to and from work each week.

Friday 27th Oct 17

Ran a mile barefoot this morning to iron out a few niggles and met Rudy the Golden Doodle. I have a bad headache that harks back to the bad old days of thinking I had cluster headaches but they were really sugar. Ate two big chocolate shortbread biscuits from a bakery in Leek plus some dark chocolate from a little chocolates. That will teach me!

Day 54- 1 mile (1 barefoot) : Week 17.5 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 78.5 miles (63 miles) : Academic Year 156.5 miles (106 miles)

Saturday 28th Oct 17

Good day in Manchester yesterday. Found out about St. Michael’s Flags and Angel Fields. Long and interesting history.

1.5 miles or so this morning. probably a bit short of that but I am counting it as seriously underestimated the distance I ran when coming down Bowfell on Monday.

Day 55- 1.5 mile (1.5 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (3.5 barefoot) : Month 80 miles (64.5 miles) : Academic Year 158miles (107.5 miles)

Sunday 29th October 17

A barefoot mile this morning to finish off the week. The weather forecast says that it might be cold tomorrow. -1C is a possibility.

Day 56- 1 mile (1  barefoot) : Week 20 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 81 miles (65 miles) : Academic Year 159miles (108 miles)

Monday 30th Oct 17

Looks cold out there. Frost on top of cars for the first time this year. 2C on the car thermometer a little later. Didn’t feel that cold although there was ice on the step railings at the half-way point and it was too cold on the soles to stand for a minute. The flags were very cold.

Day 57- 5 miles (5  barefoot) : Week 5 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 86 miles (69 miles) : Academic Year 164 miles (113 miles)

Tuesday 31st Oct 17

Whole body is stiff this morning. I wonder if it is running in 2C yesterday. Ankles especially lacking flexibility. Looking forward to a lazy barefoot mile this morning to loosen things up a bit.

Day 58- 1 miles (1  barefoot) : Week 6 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 87 miles (70 miles) : Academic Year 165 miles (114 miles)









Sep 04

Running Log – September 17

Mon 4th Sept 17

September is here and it is the start of the new school year. I have had a calf niggle for a few weeks which has put me off running. I ran 3 times last week and it is still there. I know what to do but for some reason haven’t got the motivation to do it. I need to take off the shoes and run barefoot. I think that I can do a mix of both. We will see.

A 5 miler this morning. First one for a while. Set off in Bare Access with a tightness in right calf. it subsided quickly and I was out of breath quickly too. After a couple of miles, I was enjoying it. Stopped half way and listened to the furthest bird away for a minute. It is good to stop and remember what you are doing. Not many people up at this time of the day.

After 4 miles, I took off shoes and ran barefoot. felt good. I think that I need to build this barefooting in almost every day in order to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Tuesday 5th Sept 17

My calf felt good during the day yesterday. It is 5:40am and it is pitch black and raining very hard. My calf is tight but not too bad. I do feel the need to get out for a barefoot mile and work out the niggle.

Just got back. Very wet! Calf was pulling a little at the start. I relaxed into tit and let it stretch in the most natural way I could without trying to tighten up and protect it. I ended up running pretty quick and it felt fine at the end. Will keep this up. I love barefoot in the rain. Running through little rivers on the road.

Wed 6th Sept 17

Up early for a 5 miler. Calf feeling a little easier after 2 consecutive days where I have barefooted. Plan is to run the first 4 miles in Merrell Bare Access and them take them off for the last mile.

That worked well. Wet underfoot and good to run through puddles at the end. My soles were beginning to sing a it in the last stretch. I am going to build up the distance slowly barefoot. It won’t take long before my body works out what I am doing. Felt calf a little but no real problem.

Day 5 miles: Week 11 miles: Month 11 miles: Academic Year 11 miles

Thursday 7th Sept 17

Calf a little tight when I woke up. I think a barefoot mile will loosen it off. If I don’t do anything and rest it, it doesn’t go away. I tried that during the summer. Half a mile in and it melted away. It feels like for of a general lower leg tightness than a hot spot just in my calf. It was more of a deep lying ache then anything. Felt structural rather than muscular. I will keep going and gradually up my barefoot:shod ratio so as not so shock my soles too much.

Day 1 mile: Week 12 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 12 miles (4 miles) : Academic Year 12 miles (4 miles)

Friday 8th September 17

Up very early again for 3rd 5 miler of the week. The nature of the calf problem is changing. Like yesterday, it no longer feels purely a muscular problem but more linked to underlying structure. The weather is foul. It has rained hard all night and is raining again. An hour in the dark and driving rain. Last mile barefoot. Good fun. I can tell that this is the 3rd 5 miler in 5 days and that this is a little jump in mileage. No real problem but my calf was protesting a little near the end. It must have been because I was speculating about no shod running and building up to 20 miles barefoot and then gradually putting shoes into the week rather than the other way round.

Day 5 miles: Week 17 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 17 miles (5 miles) : Academic Year 17 miles (5 miles)

Saturday 9th September 17

A 2 mile barefoot run in the rain to go and pick the car up. Felt calf before setting off. It eased off after a mile or so and only came back when I picked up the pace. Soles handled it OK. Felt like a barefooter again. Later in the day, everything has stiffened up.

Day 2 miles: Week 19 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 19 miles (7 miles) : Academic Year 19 miles (7 miles)

Sunday 10th September 17

A mile barefoot this morning during a pause in a big beer brewing day. Pitter-pattered off and back. I understand running every day. It is simple for me to stick too. I struggle with other ways of doing things I think. The same with ice-cream. I can cope with not eating it at all. It is when I say that I will only eat it on special occasions. Sudden;y every occasion is special and I am eating it every day. I feel better for reducing the number of carbs this week particularly sugar. It makes me feel unwell.

Day 1 mile: Week 20 miles (8 barefoot) : Month 20 miles (8 miles) : Academic Year 20 miles (8 miles)

Monday 11th September 17

Awake very early and up for 5 miler. Raining again. Aim is for a 5 miler with 3 shod and 2 barefoot. Feel calf when first walking about this morning. We will see how it goes.

Day 5 miles: Week 5 miles (2 barefoot) : Month 25 miles (10 miles) : Academic Year 25 miles (10 miles)

Tuesday 12th Sept 17

Up early for a barefoot mile. Not raining for a change. This means that the ground is just damp. That is the worst. Things just stick to your soles when it is damp. Unfortunately, I live in the West Pennine Moos and the only reason anyone lives here is because Flemish weavers chose this area because of its damp climate. Perfect for cloth making. You don’t appreciate how damp it is here until you visit other places and realise that this isn’t a permanent state everywhere.

I have no niggle when I woke up and was walking around. My calf was fine for the first time in a while. When running, I could tell that it had been stiff without it really being there at all. By the end, everything was moving freely. it will be interesting to see how it is after a 5 miler tomorrow.

Day 1 mile: Week 26miles (3 barefoot) : Month 26miles (11 miles) : Academic Year 26 miles (11 miles)

Wed 13th Sept 17

Battering down with rain this morning. In the past, i may have avoided running this morning but I am determined to do this. I dug out waterproof for first time for a while and set off in rain. My right calf was fine. If anything, it was my left lower leg that felt a little tight. Ran 3 miles pretty quick. I am feeling like a runner. Took shoes off and ran the last 2 miles. Pitter-pattered and enjoyed it.

Day 5 miles: Week 11miles (5 barefoot) : Month 31 miles (13 miles) : Academic Year 31 miles (13 miles)

Thursday 14th Sept 17

After the 5 miler yesterday, it was fine but I have woken up with it a bit stiff. Nothing to worry about but there all the same. After a barefoot mile, it was running loose and free. It will be interesting to see if the whole process of running every day can be sustained.

Day 1 mile: Week 12miles (6 barefoot) : Month 32 miles (14 miles) : Academic Year 32 miles (14  miles)

Friday 15th September 17

Woke up with stiffness in calf. I think it will ease off and that is why I can’t just jump out of bed and set off. A might try a little bit of stretching. Not something I usually do. Plan is for 3 miles in shoes and last 2 miles barefoot.

Day 5 miles: Week 17miles (8 barefoot) : Month 37 miles (16 miles) : Academic Year 37 miles (16 miles)

Sat 16th Sept 17

2 miles barefoot this morning. Felt like Autumn. Enjoyed it and back before I knew it. Calf fine. Are badly last night. Had a chinese and soon developed an itchy throat and nose. No good for me even though it tastes good. I had eaten carbs this week but very few. A bit of bread for a toastie but other than that I have not minded doing without.

Day 2 miles: Week 19 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 39 miles (18 miles) : Academic Year 39 miles (18 miles)

Sun 17th Sept 17

A Mile barefoot before heading off to the market. My feet feel like they are changing and I feel more like a barefooted again. I got the old barefoot burn this morning. Not going to be blasé about this.

Day 1 mile: Week 20 miles (11 barefoot) : Month 40 miles (19 miles) : Academic Year 40 miles (20 miles)

Mon 18th Sept 17

5 miles planned this morning. 2 shod and then 3 barefoot. Slight tightness in calf but nothing that will stop me setting off. I ate badly on Saturday but was back on the wagon yesterday and feel better for it. No problem this morning. After a mile or so barefoot, I got the barefoot burn but it was on rough ground. It soon went away.

Day 5 miles: Week 5 miles (3 barefoot) : Month 45 miles (22 miles) : Academic Year 45 miles (22 miles)

Tuesday 19th Sept 17

Had a bit of a sore left achilles as I went to bed last night. Seems fine this morning. Calf still tight. I wonder if a few stretches might help. Cold this morning. Feet numb by the time I got back. first time this year.

A barefoot mile in the dark to help loosen things off and keep things going. Fallen asleep twice over the last couple of nights in front of the TV. Need to do something about that. Keep busy until bed time.

Day 1 mile: Week 6 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 46 miles (23 miles) : Academic Year 46 miles (23 miles)

Wed 20th Sept 17

5 miles this morning. A warmer day and after 2 miles took shoes off. Feet felt good on the ground. After about 30 secs barefoot, the left achilles started to protest and did so for a minute or two. Then realised that it had gone away. This feels sustainable. Day 5 miles: Week 11 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 51 miles (26 miles) : Academic Year 51 miles (26 miles)

Thursday 21st Sept 17

It will be a mile barefoot this morning. I weighed myself this morning. Something that I have not done for ages. 12 stone 3lbs. Not sure what i was expecting. My clothes feel a bit looser and my face seems to look thinner. Not sure how I feel about that. Actually, it is just the way it is. My eating has been down to helping me feel better and it is. I have a few carbs in but nothing that makes me feel unwell. The effect when i do is quite severe. i get allergic reaction in my throat and start to itch. Lay off the sugar. Day 1 miles: Week 12 miles (8 barefoot) : Month 52 miles (27 miles) : Academic Year 52 miles (27 miles)

Friday 22nd Sept 17

5 miles this morning. 2 in shoes and 3 barefoot. I think that food is linked to blood sugar for me quite a lot. I am able to eat more sensibly as long as I keep my blood sugar in check. My left achilles was protesting a bit last night.

Day 5 miles: Week 17miles (11 barefoot) : Month 57 miles (30 miles) : Academic Year 57 miles (30 miles)

Sat 23rd Sept 17

2 miles this morning barefoot. I have a soft tissue injury in the ball of left foot. Sore. I can’t remember doing it and thought I must have something stuck in there at first. I think I have been compensating a bit as my right calf is now pretty tight.

Other then that no problem.

Day 52miles: Week 19 miles (13 barefoot) : Month 59 miles (32 miles) : Academic Year 59 miles (32 miles)

Sun 24th Sept 17

Ate very badly yesterday and tis morning’s run was chore. Just a barefoot mile but I am wheezy. That is sugar and Chinese for you. Foot felt a bit better this morning so I will try the 5 miler with 4 miles barefoot tomorrow. I need this run. Right calf was tight and by the end it had eased up.

Day 1 mile : Week 20 miles (12 barefoot) : Month 60 miles (33 miles) : Academic Year 60 miles (33 miles)

Mon 25th Sept 17

Into week 4 and 4 miles barefoot this morning after a mile in shoes. Feel awful because of the way I have eaten over the past couple of days. The soft tissue injury in left foot didn’t cause a problem.

Day 5 miles (4 barefoot) : Week 5 miles (4 barefoot) : Month 65 miles (37 miles) : Academic Year 65 miles (38 miles)

Tues 26th Sept 17

A barefoot mile and feeling good. Left foot a bit sore but was full of the joys this morning.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 6 miles (5 barefoot) : Month 66 miles (38 miles) : Academic Year 66 miles (38 miles)

Wed 27th Sept 17

Woke up with a sharp pain in left sole. the spot tissue is not getting netter doing what I am doing. I am going to to flip it and run, 4 miles in shoes and the last mile barefoot this morning and see how that goes. I have been studious in going to bed at a decent hour. I think that I can cope with my crazy, busy life as long as I sleep enough. No burning the candle at both ends.

Day 5 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 11 miles (6 barefoot) : Month 71 miles (39 miles) : Academic Year 71 miles (39 miles)

Thursday 28th Sept 17

Left foot still sore. A bit more than I expected. taking some time to clear up. I still enjoyed the barefoot mile this morning but I was conscious of it the whole time.

Day 1 mile  (1 barefoot) : Week 12 miles (7 barefoot) : Month 72 miles (40 miles) : Academic Year 72 miles (40 miles)

Friday 29th Sept 17

5miles this morning. I was wake early and no problem with motivation to get out but legs are feeling the effects of running every day for almost a month. No problem with left sole when running in Merrell bare Access but could feel it during the last mile when i went barefoot. I felt like I needed to do it to keep the niggles away. We will see how it goes.

Day 5 miles  (1 barefoot) : Week 17miles (8 barefoot) : Month 77 miles (41 miles) : Academic Year 77 miles (41 miles)

Sat 30th Sept 17

September draws to close on a chilly, damp morning. 2 barefoot miles which I enjoyed and flew past. At the end, i had a low calf thing going on that i have not had before. I the last 100yds. See how that goes. I was up well before dawn doing school work. This was bit of a welcome break.

Day 2 miles  (2 barefoot) : Week 19 miles (10 barefoot) : Month 79 miles (43 miles) : Academic Year 79 miles (43 miles)

September – Ran every day since 4th Sept 79 miles (43 barefoot)



Aug 14

Running Log – Aug 17

Monday 14th Aug 17

It has been a long time since my last post because I had not run barefoot at all. I have enjoyed running regularly in my Bare Access and all was well. Then my calf started to niggle. It has not gone away so I was out for a barefoot mile this morning. It felt good to be back in routine. By the end of the mile, it felt much better.

It is interesting to go back to why I run in the first place. I want to build it in to my life and it be integral once again. I want it to be a bit more social and I want to challenge myself and do a few 10k across the year. I enjoy them. I also want to use running to help keep my weight in check.

A barefoot mile then. Feels like a fresh start. Like hitting the reset button. Feels good to be posting again too.

Thursday 17th Aug 17

A barefoot mile this morning and my lower legs felt stiff to begin with. Had a terrible cold over past few days which meant that I didn’t run yesterday but did on Tuesday morning. Yesterday, I went back to bed and slept until midday. Still feel pretty rough but was determined to get out and run a little. i have never regretted it.

I need to change the website to stop trying to be the centre of the barefoot world and more reflective of my own journey. This log is the core of that.

May 01

Running Log – May 17

Monday 1st May 17

10 miles to start May on a bank holiday. Running in Merrell Bare Access 4 and I really like them. I think that I have got the sizing just right at a half size bigger than usual.

Full of running an feeling fast. I ran up the steps under the railway with a spring in my stride. Last mile was quick but I could feel it in my hips a little.

Tuesday 2nd May 17

A barefoot mile on a glorious sunny morning. I could feel the knots working their way out of my legs. they have been stiff since the 10 miler at weekend.

Wed 3rd May 17

1.5 miles warmup in Merrells. Then 3x800m reps. 3 mins 20secs, 3 mins 32 secs and 3 mins 11secs. A bit of a breakthrough on the last one. I felt like the brakes had come off. It is all in my head. i am not used to running quickly. I am not used to the effort and think that I am going to either break myself or fall over. This one was a shackles off. Well almost. I could tell it was quicker from the outset. i hadn’t gone into it consciously. It just happened. The trick will be taking it into next time.

Thursday 4th May 17 

1 mile to ease knots out of legs

Friday 5th May 17

1 more mile to ease legs off

Sunday 7th May 17

12 miles on a glorious morning. Up and over Cadshaw in the west Pennine Moors. In the winter, I dream about days like this. I really like these Merrill Bare Access 4s. 






Mon 8th May 17

Right calf a little tender this morning after yesterday. It had raised itself very early and then I sort of managed it through the 12 miles. Still there today

Tuesday 9th May 17

4 miles around the Entwitle and concessionally path in Altras. I really like them. Calf niggled early on. I feel like I need a few days running just barefoot miles to sort this out.

Wed 10th May 17

A barefoot mile. the weather is glorious. Felt like my right calf was being helped but it is a bit tender. Need to barefoot for a bit. Maybe build back up to a 5 mile barefoot run at this time of year.

Thursday 11th May 17

Calf still little tender so a barefoot mile this morning. It feels like it is helping. The discomfort moved around a bit and i can feel the whole area lining itself back up and beginning to stretch out and work properly in a gentle pitter patter. I wouldn’t want to go any faster.

Apr 01

Running Log – April 17

Sat 1st April 17

Ran 6.5 miles from Smithills this morning. Bit of a blast because I needed to be back for a match at 10am. The long run down from the end of Coal Pit Lane was further than I thought. Battered the quads. Tried to keep it light. Good enjoyable stuff. In Altras. (0)

Sunday 16th April 17

The longest that I have not run for quite some time. I did run in the week following the first of April but didn’t log them. probably about 6 miles or so in total. I was determined to get back into it this morning. I started to get to grips with doctorate blog. so have been a bit preoccupied.

5.5 miles around Entwistle and Wayoh this morning. Was hard to start with and slow but just kept going. the hills were no problem and I felt strong but slow.

Monday 17th April 17

First barefoot mile for a while this morning and it felt good to be back on it. headache from too much sugar yesterday. Just replied to Tanya who commented on 2 week test post. I need to update how I am doing, I think.

Wed 19th April 17

4.5 miles around the clough this morning in Altras. Full of running even with dead legs from yesterdays walk up Middle Dodd. Enjoying the hills. Alters coming apart at seams.

Thursday 20th April 17

A barefoot mile and feet feel robust eve in the damp. Good to get some stiffness out of calves.

Friday 21st April 17

2.7 miles around golf course on tracks in Altras. Legs feeling the walk up Middle Dodd still. Taking it easy before 10k on Sunday. Looking forward to it. Feel heavy though and bad allergic reaction in night. throat itchy and woke up sneezing which wrecked the ribs again. What a wreck I am!

Sat 22nd April 17

A barefoot mile. Shins feel achy and tense. Weird.

Sun 23rd April 17

Bolton 10k in 48 mins 40 something seconds. A good start. If it had been flat, I reckon around 45 mons would have been on. Alderley Edge 2nd July (10 weeks).  Let’s see how close I can get. 12 stone albs this morning. That will have had a bearing. 2 stones lighter would have made a big difference.

Mon 24th April 17

A barefoot mile this morning and feeling OK. Dug out the old sub 40 min 10k programme this morning. Dreaming’.

Tuesday 25th April 17

Well, the old GPS has bitten the dust. It doesn’t owe me anything, it did many years worth of service. Only need it to see if I can run a few 8 minute miles as part of 10k training.

Ran 1.5 miles warmup this morning. Crisp, cold and bright at 6am. the ran 3 lots of 800m along road. 3mins 22secs. 3 mins 33secs and then 3 mins 23 secs. I could have done another but being cautious so close to last Sundays 10k. Didn’t eat sugar yesterday but had some granary toast in evening. Know that I didn’t want it and didn’t enjoy it in the end. I was hungry but no for that.

Wed 26th April 17

Almost freezing this morning and lots of rocksalt about. Left my feet my grimy than I can remember since I last put on Mushers Delight. A barefoot mile

Thursday 27th April 17

Running 5 miles to work in Merrell bare Access 4. First impression are that they are light and much easier to get on that the trail glove. I got half a size bigger and that seems to be just right. There isn’t much cushioning which is good. I can feel support in side of forfeit a little which is odd. Read a review which talked about support in arch. I don’t feel that when walking about but we will see when I begin to run.

Friday 28th April 17

Barefoot mile feeling good.

Sunday 30th April 17

Barefoot mile to finish off April


Mar 01

Running Log – March 17

Wed 1st March

Wednesday starting with a one mile barefoot run and it is getting lighter. Cold though. I do enjoy running in the bubble of darkness most of the time but I was glad it was light. I like the dawn chorus. plenty of tree debris on the floor.

Thursday 2nd March 17

Woke up late and so just ran a mile in shoes this morning.

Fri 3rd March 17

5 miles in Altras and was full of running. A slight niggle in right calf during last half mile. I am a week and a bit away from talking to cardiac support group. Thoughts are that it should be about the impossible becoming possible, my character as one of life’s enthusiasts, not simply believing the experts. I also need to think about closure and reintegration back into a running club. Like the hobbits returning to the shire. I might end up with 3+3 model of running days. i thank it would work. Metronome was also the key.

Sat 4th March 17

Decided not to run this morning which felt like a big step. I had committed to running everyday for a year again but this time inches. I then thought’What is the point of that?’. It won’t move me on as a runner and I have already found out that I struggle and need some barefooting so I am now going to adopt a 3 shots +3 barefoot strategy and see how that goes.

Sunday 5th March 17

7 miles in Altras in the pouring rain. Ended up along canal and over the top of Healy Nab. Goos fun. I reckon that my talk to the cardiac group will be about my journey from impossible to possible via some stages and artefacts.

Intro – Why I run. Keeps me level. Couldn’t accept that it was over for me. Like the Yorkshire man who invented gluten free beer.

1 – Proper running shoes – Chi running and metronome (passing 2 women beaumont rd). Total fitness. Graveyard of broken runners.

2- The excitement of ordering the Vivobarefoots (Vivos) (caravan)

3. Born to run – Tarahumara – Xero shoes and then thinking that it is all about shoes. Luna’s, Chain mail, socks, Runamok, Vibrams, huaraches.

Coaches saying that you need to do it a certain way but most are selling something.

4. Barefoot Ted. Walking dog. – Exercises.

5. Readiness. Dumped the whole thing and started again. 40 second run ( leave it a day) Ken Bob’s book with Ron Hill. A role model. Don’t need to be from Mexico to do this. Wrote an ebook which has now gone all over the world.

6. The cold, Cold induced vasodilation. Thought that I had better run everyday to get feet gradually used to the cold. before I knew it, I was every day.

7. Meeting people all over the place. Carlisle. Woman at Rivington

8. barefoot marathon – Wiman at 15 miles blisters – Emotion at the end.

9. Alex’s Kasher but not for me. Back into shoes. Barefooting is not a religion. It was a means to an end. (altras). Every day for a year.

10. Got injured. Proper setback. Went back to barefoot.

11. Next step is to join a club. The road to injury free running.

12. Readiness. Impossible gradually becomes possible. What can i do rather than what can’t i do. Don’t beat yourself up.

Monday 6th March 17

A barefoot mile to ease of the right calf niggle.

Tuesday 7th March 17

5 miles in Altras with a bit of a calf niggle going on. On the surface but didn’t get any worse over the 5 miles. Spent a good while today talking about us being a running animal. Someone started to talk about a supplement you can take for your knees and I went off on one about money being the enemy. We always try and buy our way out of things. Little metronome arrived today. Going to run with it in the morning.

Wed 8th March 17

A ,ile barefoot this morning just as dawn was breaking. It would be weird to have silence at that time. Birdsong was deafening.

Thursday 9th March 17

Decided to have a change from usual 5 miler and head up to the Entwistle now that there is a little bit of light in the morning. At the last second decided to turn to leisurely run into a time trial, clicked watch and set off. No warm so was slipping onto oxygen debt quickly. Backed off and grinned. Sometimes doing the daft thing is just the thing you need to do to make you feel alive. If we listen to the experts all the time, life might become dull and common sense is a race to the bottom. Made 2 mile point in 15mins 38 secs and the whole way round in 19 mins 08. Not sure how this compares with some of other times but I was pleasantly surprises seeing as this was the first proper blast in a while. I know that on a less windy day with a warm up and better pacing, I could bring that time down. 2.3 miles.

Friday 10th March 17

A barefoot mile this morning in the daylight.

Sat 11th March 17

A rest day. It feels weird and I am not sure that it is a good thing. I think the barefooting helps keep things loose and stretched. We will see.

Sun 12th March 17

Dan’s birthday and a 9.5 mile run this morning. Spring gas sprung and it felt good. No calf issue. If anything, my left quad was protesting a it. Not sure why. Lots of thought on what to talk about with the cardiac group on Wednesday. Experts, money, human evolution, wheat changing out migratory patterns, sleep, food, toilet habits, electric lighting, seating. We have forgotten that we are animals. Need to narrow it down so i cover what I really want to say. What would my elevator pitch be or what would i say in a 20 minute car journey. It is that disbelief that I feel that want to overcome. Common sense is a killer. What is common sense anyway. Knowledge isa good thing but experts often are not.

Mon 13th March 17

A barefoot mile in the damp conditions. Feet burning after 400yds this morning. Not sure why. Rocksalt? Damp? Long run yesterday?. Felt better for it at the end even if I didn’t fully enjoy it. Moon was huge and low in the sky.

Tues 14th March 17

5 miles in Altras. Now blocked out the talk for tomorrow and run through it. 40-45 mins which is a bit long. I need to be a bit more slick.

Intro – Why I run and how broken was I. Goal, strategy tactics.

Wed 15th March 17

A mile barefoot this morning. I went to talk to Bolton Cardiac Upport group tonight. I really enjoyed it. they made me feel very welcome. It turned into a talk about rehabilitation. I bought my first running shoes. in Bolton 30 years ago. and have been trying to fix myself ever since. I also spent the first 5 minutes trying to convince them that i was not a mad man and that was Bolton though and through. the amount of money I have spent over the years on running shoes runs is high. Only someone desperate would spend £140 on shoes and then put a £100 pair of insoles in them whilst spending money each week on physic and paying for a running coach to teach you hoe run. Why would supplements containing sharks cartilage help your knees. Always someone ready to sell you a solution. Took a metronome and talked about polar bears and camels adaptations and how we are adapted to be a hun ting, running animal.

The whole business about the soles of the feet is a red herring, it is about the lower leg and structure of the foot. Experts, common sense, money, running being therapeutic rather than destructive came up. Going up and down stairs was important to them too. Good fun. I said that I was going to find a running club locally next week so i better get on and do it. I also showed them all the shoes that I have. Love them but they don’t help unless you can run right. I am going to have a go in them soon.

Thursday 16th March

5 miles in Altras this morning. I am not sure that I have go the balance right. I might need to do one of the 5 milers during the week barefoot. can’t see the point in running a mile any other way than barefoot. Might as well not go.

Friday 17th March 17

A mile barefoot. Cold and wet. Feet freezing by the end.

Sat 18th March 17

7 miles in a storm this morning. Ran in Vivobarefoot Evos because I fancied a change and wondered how I would do. Started off OK but then felt it in my calf. It begs the question. is my running therapeutic or destructive. I was asked yesterday by a runner if they should do any exercises in between the barefooting. I answered that the barefooting is the exercise in itself. it should be the things that fixes you. Was my run therapeutic this morning? i don’t think so. It felt destructive. My calf and hip were protesting rather than thanking me for the run. Running should be good for you.

Mon 20th March 17

A big moment. I went and ran with Burnden Road Runners. It is over 20 years since `I ran with them last. I had told the Cardiac lot that competing the circle involved reconnecting with a club. Burden are local and run on a Monday night. I had a few butterflies. 5miles flat we were told. Turned out to be 6.5 miles with a bit of up and down which suited me well. Good to chat to folk as I ran. Not hanging on by the end. they do a track session on a Wednesday. I might give it a go next week.

My calves were pretty tight. i think that it is running in shoes and then having a rest day. I think I need to tweak that. Was tonight’s run therapeutic. No – but it was great and worth it.

Tuesday 21st March 17

Quads sore and calves tight. Looking forward to the run this morning. A mile barefoot to loosen things up.

On a scale between -5 and plus 5, how therapeutic is the run. -5 is really destructive. +5 is really therapeutic.

Last night would have been about -3, I think. Need to do this a lot so that I can calibrate it. -3 left me with sore calves in the morning and sore muscles in the night.

I think this morning has stretched things out nicely and I would give it a +2. No niggles whilst running and calves feeling better now that I am back. A proper therapeutic run. It is not the exercises that you do between runs than are the therapy, it is the running itself that should be the thing that helps.

Wed 22nd March 17

5 miles in Altras this morning after a good night’s sleep. felt sluggish and slow to start with but ran 45 mins (9min miles) which was pretty good seeing as I was making an effort to handle form and stay steady and not too fast. Calves are OK. Therapeutic? Good question. I reckon neutral (0).

Thursday 23rd March 17

A mile barefoot. It was cold and it felt like I was up on my right foot a bit and not letting my calf stretch out. I made myself go slow and it was OK by the end. (+1)

Friday 24th March 17

4 miles round the Entwistle and Little Wayoh this morning at 6am. Glorious weather. The sunrise was amazing over Holcombe Tower and across the water. Pleasure to be out. The air was still and crisp. (-1) Feeling it in right calf a little. No issue but needed to concentrate. I had forgotten how I used to favour my left leg when going up and down steps etc and that my right quad used to be be much bigger than my right because I was worried about my hip. it was going up some steps this morning doing most of work with left leg that I remembered. Habit.

Sun 26th March 17

A mile barefoot before the market this morning. The clocks going forward made it tough to get up.

Monday 27th March 17

Another barefoot mile and the therapeutic nature of the running seemed to kick in. I feel fine and legs feel good. Felt very unwell during the night and thought I might be sick. The running helped.

Tues 28th March 17

5 miles this morning in Altras and I was full of running. Nice morning again. A few days in between with a couple of barefoot sessions seems beneficial. i think that I am not too well and sleep is catching up with me in the evenings.

Wed 29th March 17 

Going to barefoot a mile but waiting a bit until it gets light.

Thursday 30th March 17

5 miles and full of running. Set off and felt really heavy legged but picked up alter.

Friday 31st March 17

A rare rest day to finish off the month.


Jan 31

Running Log – Feb 17

Wed 1st Feb 17

A mile this morning feeling pretty good and thinking that I will go back ro running 5 in the morning.

Thursday 2nd Feb 17

Set off for 5 miler early in the morning. Felt it to start with and then it went away. Running nicely and thinking about a longer run at the weekend and got big spasm in right calf that stopped me in my tracks. Got going again and then after a little while another big spasm and then found it hard to put my foot down. Pretty much hobbled home. The plan is a mile barefoot each if the weather allows and then see how it goes. I might even use the roller.

2 miles in total in Altras

Friday 3rd Feb 17

Spent yesterday limping about on my calf. First actual barefoot run since October/November time. It felt normal and good. Soles began to sing after 400m or so. It was old this morning and I have no gradual getting used to it to fall back on. My calf was sore and I had a couple of times where it was very sore but overall I think that getting out on should have helped get everything working as it should be. Next time, I will respond to niggles by running barefoot for a few days and keeping form steady. Routine of socks on inside of door so i don’t muddy the house and green sponge scrubber for by soles.

Sat 4th Feb 17

Not limped like this for a number of years. My calf is very sore. Sore is the best way that I can describe it and it is difficult to put weight on it at times. I ran this morning though and just broke into my normal barefoot cadence and stride. I even forgot about it for a while as my soles began to sing and sting. It felt cold again. I think that the little barefoot outings are dropping everything just bunching up and getting into a tight knot. We will see. the experiment goes on.

Sun 5th Feb 17

As near as I have been to not running this morning. Nothing to do with injury or not feeling like it but it was 9.30am and I knew that there would be lots of people about who have not seen me out barefooting before. I really don’t like it. I am not out there to be noticed. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone for a run. There is a reason that I run in the dark. Not complaining. People are people and they can say what they want and I have to deal with it. On most days I can and `I enjoy the banter but I just didn’t feel like that this morning and it was very close to keeping me from going out at all. If you feel the same, you are not alone. There seems to be a school of thought that we all want to shout our barefootedness to the world and be noticed. I don’t. I just want to share the benefits with the people that it might help. In a one mile stretch, I had a group of walkers telling me that there is a sale on at Sportsdirect. I then paused for a minute at the turn round point and 3 runners came past. One said ‘You’ve forgotten your shoes’ and the last said ‘Not a good look’. Bearing in mind that he was wearing black compression socks, I think that it took the biscuit. I set off after them and breezed past on the inside with a ‘Sorry chaps, coming through’ and showed them a clean (cleanish) pair of heels. I could hear them panting behind me to catch up, relaxed and pulled away. That meant that I really tested my calf out. tender and I wouldn’t have wanted to go much further but on the mend, I reckon.

Mon 6th Feb 17

Limped around yesterday more than I have for a long time. Very sore. I think that running fast like that was a mistake…but fun. I used the foam roller for a few seconds but very sore so didn’t push it. I didn’t think that I would be running this morning but woke up feeling OK. I ran a barefoot mile in the cold and dark and felt OK at the end. Less sore. I am convinced that the barefoot mile each day will help as long as I don’t do something daft.

Tues 7th Feb 17

A mile barefoot and I got there barefoot burn quickly this morning. Just relaxed and by the end it had gone away. Not limping anywhere near as much yesterday. I was expecting to be almost free of it this morning but it was still front and centre. Not a problem. I could run and I feel like it helps stretch things out and prevent it bunching up. We will continue and see. If it snows or is very icy, I will do the mile in shoes.

Wed 8th Feb 17

A barefoot mile

Thursday 9th Feb 17

Feel like I am getting there and considered going a bit further today. Will see how I am at the end of the day. Not back to normal yet but no pain. It is more an awareness that it feels different.

Friday 10th Feb 17

Feeling fine. Very cold with lots of salt down. Ran in shoes no problem.

Sat & Sun 11th and 12th Feb 17

A mile in shoes in the snowy weather. Gradually getting easier.

Mon 13th Feb 17

Long brew day yesterday. Still rocksalt everywhere and a very windy start to the day. A mile in shoes. there was a whisper of calf niggle before I set off but back to normal almost. didn’t feel it at any point and forgot about it. Longer tomorrow but not too far.

Tues 14th Feb 17

3 miles in Altras this morning. After a mile and a bit, I couldn’t remember which leg my injury was in. Felt better for it in the end. Also face booked a comment from Coiln at Footworks about Altras. He is selling them.

Wed 15th Feb17

A barefoot mile this morning. Seemed like the thing to do. Enjoyed it for the first time in ages. Think it was because my soles had need rested. Looks like it will be a mix of Altras and barefoot from now on.

Thursday 16th Feb 17

5 miles in Altras this morning and I could tell that I have not run this for for a week or two. Stiff and right hip protesting ever so slightly. I came bounding down hill at 3 miles and felt a whisper in right calf and slowed down. nearly came home but carried on and never had the feeling again. Feels like progress.

Friday 17th Feb 17

A barefoot mile and enjoyed it.

Sat 18th Feb 17

Another barefoot mile because I was up late. Been a very busy week at work and played havoc with my sleep. I need to practice sleeping at the right time for a while and stop going to sleep in an armchair early evening. Watched Laura Muir in Birmingham breaking 1000m indoor record and Mo Farah make his last indoor run with a 5000m British record. Enjoy listening to the birds early morning as the day is dawning.

Sun 19th Feb 17 – Tuesday 21st Feb. Ran before market and then other runs were whilst away at Burton in Kendal services. Found service road which was really busy. A barefoot mile each morning.

Wed 22nd Feb 17

5 miles. Really enjoys running for 50 minutes this morning around the Smithills area. Lots of mud and a few places I hadn’t seen before. Calf feels back to normal even when stretching it a bit. Thinking about ‘Barefoot and Back’. Lots of stories to tell. Why we do it. Glass, dogs, running in the dark. In Altras.

Thursday 23rd Feb 17

A barefoot mile in the face of storm Doris. Awesome. Feet coldest they have been for a while.

Friday 24th Feb 17

Ran back from garage nice and easy. Feeling good and enjoyed the uphills. In Altras. I enjoy running as transport 2.3 miles

Sat 25th Feb 17

A barefoot mile and it was cold this morning. Lots of tree debris on ground following storm. It is this kind of conditions that leads to me getting things in my feet. Picked an enormous thorn of bottom of foot. Hadn’t stuck in but it takes me back. Almost every object I have dug out of my foot has been from tree debris. A few bits of glass but they are much more straightforward.

Sun 26th Feb 17

Brewing the Stump this morning so went for a run beforehand around Entwistle. Took my time. Ended up in deep water at times. Cleaned the shoes off though. Enjoyed it. Took it easy. Calf felt really fgood. Looking forward to being back at work and some routine. Important for all sorts of reasons. I need structure. I either need to bet back to work or give up completely and build a life with a different structure. 2.34 miles

Mon 27th Feb 17

A barefoot mile in pouring rain with water running down the road. Cold, cold, cold. Half a mile in and my feet were singing. I must really believe in this. The other day I was running in shoes and I am now being heckled when i am in shoes because it is unusual!

Tues 28th Feb 17

A 5 miler in Altras in the dark. Right calf no problem. Little tweak in left but then went away. I think that stretching things out barefoot is amazing.

Jan 01

Running Log – Jan 17

Sunday 1st Jan 17

Jan 17 starting with a plan to run every day this year and do a 1000 miles in total. Up to Nov 29th will be in shoes and then I will have done a complete year. I am now over a month in and everything is fine. I am feeling like a runner again and using Parkrun to gauge things. The Altras are great.

A mile this morning.

Mon 2nd Jan 17

8.5 miles in Altras this morning and feeling good. Pushed it pretty much all the way and concentrated on running as quick as possible with good form. I came off the route planned and ran bridleways instead at places. It felt good. The old chap who is 97 yrs old was out again. He was clearing his path of slippy leaves by bending down and picking them up. He said that he walks the road up from Bromley Cross every day. That is a severe climb. No wonder he is doing well. Thought a bit about the Chester marathon. I might give it a go this year in shoes.

12st 2 lbs this morning.

Tuesday 3rd, Wed 4th, Thursday 5th Jan 17

A mile each day. Thursday 5th was on out first double brew day.

Friday 6th Jan 17

Parked in Chapletown and ran to Entwistle. Did a timed loop in just over 18mins. Good considering that the near side was icy and I couldn’t get going. Thought it would be 9 mins at bridge but was surprised that it was 7 mins 8 secs. Good going. Clicked watch early by accident so 18 mins 10-20 secs is a reasonable estimate. Was trying to get there in under 20mins so good going. A month ago, I was in 23 mins. It is just the hang of running faster with confidence.

Sat 7th Jan 17

A mile this morning after our works do. Good fun visiting Bunburys and having a pint of Simcoe and then on to the Ukranian Club for their Christmas Eve. A mile with a hangover this morning.

Sun 8th Jan 17

6.74 miles this morning in the cold drizzle of a January West Pennine morning. Adventurous route round the Eagley Brook area. ended up climbing muddy slopes and battling through the undergrowth. Slight niggle in left hip area. I think that lifting heavy stuff doesn’t help.

Mon 9th Jan 17

A mile this morning and everything feels fine. First day back at work this morning. 11 st 13 lbs so have managed to lose a pound or two over the Christmas and New year. It seems to be about finding a way that works for me and getting to know it. Aiming for around the 11stone mark by Easter which is half-way to the Alderney Edge 10K. Cutting out refined sugar has been important combined with the ability to run consistently with a bit of pace. I am motivated because I can feel myself getting quicker and know that bodyweight is a key part of that. Just getting lighter will allow me to be quicker. Gives me confidence when standing on the start line. I am not being draconian with stuff. I are celebrating special things with family and friends. I ate cake at parties and pudding on special occasions but I am not eating incidental cake. The cake that is just there for no good reason. The same with ice-cream last night. I just didn’t have any. I could have done but it may have given me a headache and I knew that it would make me feel rotten. I am treating sugar a bit like alcohol. Not to be hd incidentally. I did have a one of our own beers last night. It was Sunday tea-time. I fancied on and it is made with good, natural ingredients. The alcohol is by-the-by. It is the carbs that are the enemy. I know where the carbs came from and there are precious few left in our beer at the end of the process. Don’ seem to affect me to badly. I am also eating with my family and eating mostly cheese, fruit, nuts, nut butter during the day. Seems to be working at the moment.

Tues 10th Jan 17

Asleep early last night so up early ready to run. It is very cold and very wet. Vaseline on face as it has been getting chapped on recent runs. Weight heading the right way. 11 st 11 this morning.

5 miles and enjoyed it. Dreaming of 3hr marathons and 40 minute 10ks. That slight niggle in left side is still there. It is more a outer though thing than hip though.

Wed 11th Jan 17

A mile in the dark

Thursday 12th Jan 17

Up early to run to work. and then I ran home at end. Just short of 5 miles there and about the same coming back. Felt good.

Friday 13th Jan 17

A mile in the snow. Head torch needed.

Sat 14th Jan 17

Worsley park run this morning. Flat mainly with a few flights of steps and some muddy bits through the woods. Couldn’t have finished much faster but could have set off more efficiently. Ran 22mins 32 secs and then went to pick up new car.

Sun 15th – Tues 17th Jan 

A mile in the fog early each morning. Emma’s 16th birthday.

Wed 18th Jan 17

4 miles this morning. 2 miles warmup and then 3x800m reps followed by half mile warm down. 3mins 18secs, 3mins 23 secs, 3 mins 27 secs. Faster than last time. Feel sluggish at the moment and a bit lethargic and heavy.

Thursday 19th Jan 17

A mile in the dark. Stopped half way to listen for a minute. Took the foam roller in to work. Spike one which I never really used. i liked using the Grid but didn’t do much good. Big step giving it away. Also took stuff into work so that i could run in the morning. Again, a big step

Friday 20th Jan 17

Ran to work. After a couple of lethargic days where I have felt a bit sluggish and achy, I was in good form on the way there. 4.5 miles. I ran home and stopped off at Console Wizard to get phone. O pushed all the way home. In fact, i just ran easy and watched the miles slip past. The weather was clear and bright and it reminded me of running from a life long past. Not often that I run on busy roads at rush hour anymore.

Sat 21st Jan 17

A mile in the cold morning. Phil also trying to do 1000 miles in 2017. His is different than mine. he adds the miles so far and divides by the number of days so far then multiplies by 365. He was chuffed that he would inly need to do 5 miles today.

Sun 22nd Jan 17

A good run around the bridlepaths and muddy pathways this morning. ended up really pushing it through the park and up hill to finish before taking Dan to football. About 7 miles or so. The niggle in left hip/thigh has gone. Groin a bit tender after getting involved in football shooting drill yesterday ay Bolton Uni with Park.

Mon 23rd Jan 17

A mile in the fog this morning. Talking to Robert’s dad. he is getting back into his running by running every day in January. He says that he needs a rest. I go in phases. Feeling good at moment but other times, I feel weary. Every day helps me though to get out. I understand it. Just up and changed. If I was leaving it until evening, I think that I would grow to dislike it.

Tues 24th Jan 17 – Thursday26th Jan 17th

A mile on Tuesday followed by 5 miles on Wednesday and a mile on Thursday. Fallen off the sugar wagon and although I haven’t gone on a mad binge, I have eaten stuff I would not normally. I feel wheezy and my mouth itches and is swollen at the back. I can see it in my face and skin. I am 11s 11lbs this morning. I was expecting to be over 12 stones easily. Need to get back on it. I think that it started when I was dispirited with weighing myself and although I had been bang on, my weight had gone back up. Maybe it should be a weigh in day every 15 days or so and I timetable them in.

Friday 27th Jan 17 

I have been up late and getting school work done this week but managed to keep the running going. Going to run to work this morning and that will be 3 weeks on the trot that I will have done that.

First real problem so far. Ran to work OK 5 miles in the dark and enjoyed it. Set off home and felt a tightness in right achilles and didn’t think much of it. Over next couple of miles it went into right calf. I tried a few of the normal relaxation type of thing but by the end of mile 3, I had to walk as I felt it was going to go. Sore all evening. Don’t think I have a tear but it is bunched up so tight and there is a definite hot spot.

Sat 28th Jan 17

I reckon that if I ran barefoot this morning, I could melt this tightness away but I am go got see if I can do the same thing in shoes. I ran a mile and things were better than when I went out.

Sun 29th Jan 17

2 miles this morning. Everything sore when I set out but eased off. Too cold for barefooting at this stage as I haven’t been out for a long time.

Mon 30th Jan 17

A mile this morning and it is feeling better. I think that I will run as normal tomorrow.

Tuesday 31st Jan 17

3 miles this morning. Can run pretty well but didn’t want to push my luck. No point testing to destruction so I know what the breaking point is. Think that I have been guilty of that in the past. Needed to concentrate on form on downhills and it felt better on uphills. January was a 95 mile month which was more than i thought it would be, Thinking about the talk for the cardiac support group. Main themes will be readiness, support, ploughing your own furrow and making something work for you. Maybe I need to include motivation, planning and structure as well as not beating myself up if I slipped up.