One of my greatest pleasures is reading the posts of the many barefoot bloggers out there.

I will feature some of my favourites here.


One thought on “Barefoot Post of the day”

  1. hi, love to come here and see the bare feet. i have been barefooting for a large part of each year since training with Mick the Barefoot sensay since 2010 and i have to say that when winter rolls around it is not the lack of sun that causes me to feel depressed but the fact it is too cold most days to be without shoes. when i can wherever i go i travel barefooted. i love it when i never have to put any covering on my feet whether in the airport, in the city, on the land or anywhere my feet decide to take me. touching my Mother the Earth is my greatest joy. i feel my most wild and free self when i can be bare….footed…hope

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