Coaches that can help with good natural form and technique.
I am updating our list all the time.

If you are a coach and wish to be listed, please contact Chris.


BarefootRunningUK – David Robinson and Anna Toombs are experienced movement therapists and founders of a company they created to help people embrace and enjoy injury-free running. They teach individuals and group workshops in the UK to help people improve their overall mechanics for smoother, more efficient running and sports performance.LondonLink
Wannarun Physiotherapy and Running Clinic- Andrew O’Brien is a Chartered Physiotherapist and running coach. He is a certified Vivobarefoot coach, having trained under Lee Saxby, as well as a Pose Method of Running coach. He is also a trained Clinical Pilates matwork and equipment practitioner. Having recently relocated to Westport, Ireland he holds regular running workshops on- and off-site for small groups and individuals, as well as physiotherapy treatment for all musculoskeletal complaints. He also holds workshops in his native Australia whenever possible. Find more information and dates at or contact Westport/Ireland and AustraliaLink
CoreRunning – Michelle was the first Certified Chi Running and Chi Walking instructor in the UK back in 2007. She is now a senior ChiRunning instructor. She holds monthly workshops in Twickenham and the London area and is happy to travel to you for group workshops.LondonLink
Sam Murphy– Sam runs semi-regular ‘Running Well’ workshops which teach what you’d call a barefoot/natural running style though people don’t have to be barefoot unless they want (although she does a drills session in which she encourage participants to be barefoot). Sam wouldn’t describe them as barefoot workshops but they are very technique focused. She also offers one-to-one running technique sessions and is a certified VIvo Barefoot qualified coach (as well as a level 2 UKA Endurance coach)East SussexLink
The Balanced Runner UK – Jae Gruenke helps runners from beginner to Olympian become pain-free, economical, and fast. Known as a “running form guru,” she a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Founder and CEO of The Balanced Runner™ in New York City and The Balanced Runner UK. Currently based in Edinburgh, she works with clients one-to-one and teaches workshops by invitation throughout the UK and US. Book a session, arrange a workshop for your group, and find free resources and information on her website. Ask her your running form questions on or
Primal Lifestyle– Matt Wallden is a the managing director of Primal Lifestyle who have been the official supplier of Vibram Fivefingers in the UK since 2007.His background is impressive and he has been a leading player in the barefoot/minimalist scene for quite some time.He collaborates a lot with Helen Hall who herself is a well respected ultra athlete and coach and often they present workshops and seminars together.SurreyLink
Helen Hall – Helen Hall is a respected barefoot/minimalist coach. She is a minimalist runner and ultra athlete and often collaborates with Matt Walden from Primal LifestyleSurreyLink
Revolutionary Running – Chi running workshops based in the Leeds area of West Yorkshire.Workshops are led by Bridget who has been a Chi running instructor since 2007 is also is recently qualified in the Alexander technique.LeedsLink
Gray Caws – Gray is a Chi running instructor and personal trainer based in London. He organises the London Chi running club which meets every first Sunday in the month as well as full day Chi running workshops. Read Gray’s press releaseLondonLink
SoulinMotion – Nick Constantine from runs Chi running and walking workshops. As part of the Chi running qualification process Nick worked with Catherina MacKeirnonScotland/North EastLink
BarefootRunningCoach – Jonno Gibbins is a Vivobarefoot certified coach based in Cornwall. He runs group and individual clinics and you can see testimonial by visiting his website. He is also planning weekend clinics including a stay locally.He runs the Barefoot Academy with barefoot runner and traithlete Leah Katia.Cornwall/EnglandLink
Cornwall Physio/The Natural Running Clinic– Lou is a Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist who provides coaching in natural/ barefoot running technique as well as injury consultations and biomechanical assessments. As a clinician she uses barefoot drills and exercises to encourage good body awareness and smooth, efficient running technique. Lou is a certified Vivobarefoot coach and provides individual consultations as well as coaching small groups and workshops. She regularly hosts seminars and lectures to runners and therapists on running injuries, technique and barefoot-related topics.Cornwall/ South WestLink
CambridgeFitnessAcademy – Andy is a barefoot runner and blogs as Caveman Clarke. He has dedicated the last 3 years of his life to re-learning to run correctly barefoot and in minimalist shoes. As a long-term health and well being coach, he now works with Cambridge Fitness Academy to provide professional run coaching, with emphasis on correct barefoot technique and form. They teach you to run correctly whilst helping you to re-discover the most enjoyable and liberating way to run. Sessions available in the Cambridgeshire area.
Tony Riddle is the creator of “Pilates Running” as well as the founder and Director of Gloves Boxing Club. Tony is an advanced Pilates practitioner, Level 2 Pose Running Coach, Pose Movement Specialist, Vivo Barefoot Running coach and human movement expert. Originally educated as a personal trainer and with a background in the British Army, Tony has spent much of the last 15 years gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from travelling the globe in search of the truth in correct movement science, studying with the world’s best. To name a few: Kenny Weldon, boxing’s most credible and knowledgeable fundamentally correct balance and technique coach; Movement Genius Dr Romanov, founder of the POSE method; and Lee Saxby, leading biomechanist and the barefoot expert known from “Born to Run“.Tony Riddle was co-creator of the original coaching model proposed to VivoBarefoot.London/EnglandWicklow/IrelandLink
Wild Forest Gym – Michael teaches Barefoot and Natural Running techniques through his Wild Forest Gym website. He runs training session and workshops in London, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and West Midlands.Michael offers dedicated Natural Running Training Sessions for those transitioning from heel striking to midfoot striking and onto barefoot running. Read full post hereLondon and locations throughout EnglandLink
Balavan Thomas – Balavan Thomas is a certified Chi Running instructor and has been a runner for more than 25 years.He was trained by master instructor Marion Meesters and assisted Catherina McKiernan (winner of the Berlin,London and Amsterdam marathons).Balavan runs monthly one day workshops at Run and Become.Each workshop covers all the basic Chi Running techniques and video analysis of each runners running style.He also offers one to one and small group sessions in and around London. LondonLink
Stuart Hardie – Stuart Hardie lives and works in Guernsey and is a certified ChiRunning andChiWalking Instructor . Stuart attributes ChiRunning for his success in running 40marathons in 40 days, from John o’ Groats to Land’s End, in 2011 aged 65 PrimalRunning (PR) “where form comes first” and The Primal Run Club (PRC) resulted. PRoffers regular workshops to all levels of runner and PRC provides an opportunity forrunning with like-minded souls intent on the ongoing improvement of their runningform. Stuart works with the other UK ChiRunning Instructors providing a professionalapproach to the coaching of running around the UK and the Channel Isles.GuernseyLink
Ian Hough – Ian is the driving force behind RUNFIT and shares his knowledge and experience to ispire runners to complete their own personal challenges. After suffering a series of running related injuries that put pay to him competing he was keen to continue with running, and in an effort to prevent further injuries started to look at how to improve his running form.Ian offers workshops and 1-2-1 coaching in Kent and south east.
for more details go to or contact Ian at tel 07904435048
John Burdon – As well as a Certified Chi Running Instructor, Jon is qualified teacher and Mountain Leader. He has been sharing the outdoors with others for over 20 years and now brings his expertise to teaching Chi Running technique. Jon has a holistic philosophy and very mind believes that developing running as a lifelong mindful practice can bring deeper peace and calm to your whole life. Based in West Yorkshire, also teaching in Derbyshire, Wales, Cumbria.West Yorkshire, also teaching in Derbyshire, Wales, CumbriaLink
Elemental Fitness – Ady Benn operates under the motto “get the basics right and the rest will follow”. This is at the core of his company Elemental Fitness and how he coaches clients. A avid ultra runner himself Ady promotes the “barefoot” approach both in his coaching and in his own running. Having this year completed he Hardmoors 110, 55 and the Race to the Stones in Luna sandals its a demonstration that the approach works. The basics in this case relates to identifying gait issues with runners and then working with the client to develop their strength, suppleness and timing so that they can move injury free, get to the desired distance and then (and only then) work on their speed. Operating out of Durham University Sports Centre and Scarborough he uses high-speed camera video analysis to get to the core of movement dysfunction working on your “software” from which self awareness becomes key. With clients from as far as Leeds and Manchester it is a proven formula especially if fatigue and injury are common to your running.Durham/Scarborough – County Durham, North YorkshireLink
Barefoot Running NI – A barefoot and minimalist running club based in Belfast. Our coaches, Andrew Reid and Simon Hunter were the first people in Ireland to complete a marathon completely barefoot. They are Vivobarefoot Certified Running Coaches, taught by Lee Saxby, and now offer coaching in Running Form and Barefoot Running. Operating out of the Sports Science Institute at Jordanstown they can offer running form analysis and have access to an indoor running track for putting those barefoot drills safely into practice in a real running environment.
Find Barefoot Running NI online at our website, on Facebook and Twitter or email us at
Belfast, Bangor and Carrick, Northern IrelandLink
ChampionsEverywhere – A company of professional running coaches, founded around the proven principles of legendary coach Arthur Lydiard, operating in Ireland with its primary base in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains area.
Our coaches René Borg and Jason Kehoe are seasoned competitors both shod and barefoot over distances from 1500m to ultra-distances and have ‘run the hard yards’ for you, picking up a lot of the knocks that we want to help you stay clear off. We put a wide variety of coaching knowledge to your disposal including the UKA Fell and Mountain Running education and Lydiard Foundation certification. All our coaches are VivoBarefoot Certified Running coaches, taught by Lee Saxby, and MovNat Trainers. The ChampionsEverywhere 2-day ‘Running Form’ workshops have been labelled ‘the gold standard’ in the country by our clients and is offered along with a full package of other services including personal consults, online coaching, training plans and classes – so whatever way you want support improve as a runner, we can tailor something for your needs – we only ask in return that you are committed to the process and open-minded to new ideas. To learn more visit the ChampionsEverywhere website or email us at
Rowena Eakins - Rowena is a MovNat Certified Trainer and experienced barefoot runner based on Merseyside. Her coaching philosophy is strongly rooted in the principles of evolutionary fitness, and focuses on building patterns of healthy movement and preventing injury through techniques that teach progressive skill and efficiency. She offers free movement skill taster sessions through and teaches groups and 1-2-1 in Liverpool and the WirralLiverpool/WirralLink
Anne Rosbottom - Anne is a Born to Run coach offering running technique coaching in Merseyside and the Wirral. She has trained with leading figures in natural running coaching including Lee Saxby, Tony Riddle and Ben Le Vesconte. She is also a UKA Leader in Running Fitness. She is constantly learning and improving her understanding of human movement and I draw influences from Pilates, Crossfit and Movnat.
You can contact Anne through her website


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