Thin picture of chrisChris is the founder member of the Barefoot Beginner blog.

After 25 years of running in and around the West Pennine Moors, the wear and tear finally took its toll and his body gave up. Chris was either going to give up running altogether or needed to find a way to become injury free. He discovered barefoot running and started the Barefoot Beginner blog. He now tries to link runners searching for answers with those who have the knowledge.

Chris set up Barefoot Beginner to create a place where like minded people can hang out and chat. Many people have found that being generous with their time is rewarded ten-fold with generosity in return. It makes the barefoot world go round.

In his other life, Chris is the headteacher of a primary school in Bolton, Lancs and is committed to passing on his love of blogging to the young people he works with.

He is also the co-owner of Holy Well Brewing and Crafty-Ales and champions locally brewed beer from the county of Lancashire.

The Barefoot Beginner facebook group is a growing community of barefooters. Chris is very clear. ‘We chat about everything and are a family group. We don’t do profanity and we don’t do negativity. We run, we chat and we smile.

Come and join us, you will be very welcome.