May 21

Can running make you thin?

Can I be the only person that has trained for a marathon and put on weight?

Danny Dreyer, the Chirunning founder is clear. I think that if I am going to shed the pounds, I am going to need to adapt my intake of calories and use running as simply way of toning my muscles. Sure, running 20 miles a week uses about 2000kCals but if you take in an extra 2200kCals then it only going to end one way.

If I use about an extra 2000kCals this week and only take in an extra 1800kCals then sooner or later I should be running with less baggage. It will be interesting to see how that goes over the next year.

May 21

Barefoot in the sun


It was good to run barefoot this morning after feeling heavy legged yesterday. The weather was clear and bright and I knew as I set off that I would probably run further without shoes than I have before.

The tarmac felt cool and I ran through the small stones that had given me trouble last week.

I turned round at 5min 55 secs and ran home barefoot instead of slipping on my shoes. A total of 11minutes and 42 secs, my longest run to date. I keep checking in with niggles and my hip, calf and the soft tissue in my feet felt fine. I also keep looking at my feet, I am convinced that I am bunching up the toes on my right foot but when I look down, I’m not. I think that it is because of feeling the burn in the ball of my right foot towards the end of the run. Job done!

I am looking forward to running in my Merrell Trail Gloves tomorrow and going a bit further than usual.

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May 20

You can’t hurt what you don’t use


Run easy, run light and accept whatever the trail gives you.
I am re-reading ‘Born to Run’ at the moment and was glad of the advice. It works as well in the Lancashire hills as it does in the Copper Canyons.
I meant to Parkrun yesterday morning but missed the alarm after a pint or two on Friday night. I decided to fit in a longer run of about 10 miles today instead. As I set off up the short hill from home I felt a pain in my right groin. I have had this on and off for years and it has never been enough to put me out of action. When I hurt my hip last summer, it tightened up and I can tell when I have done no real excercise for a couple of days because it feels sore. Danny Dreyer, the ChiRunning founder says that you can’t hurt what you don’t use.
I concentrated on letting all the tension go out of my legs and ran easy. Since I have started doing this, my early miles are sometimes slower than I have been used to but I now have the confidence to know that it will pick us a I get into it.

I realised when I got home that I had forgotten all about the pain, running with proper barefoot technique seems to be the best way to get rid of any niggles.

I took a right turn off my intended route to go and have a bit of an explore and it took bit longer than expected so I cut the run short and was home after an 8 miler. My legs are feeling a good sort of tired today and the soft tissue in my right foot is a bit tender. I am really looking forward to my barefoot run in the morning.

May 18

Barefoot progress


My aim this morning was to run barefoot as far as I could from my front door. I was aware of small stones under my feet but they did not trouble me and I easily ran past my limit from 2 days ago.

The wet patches on the road were patchy and I instinctively found myself searching out the dryest parts.

Yesterday I had a twinge in my right calf and it was there when I first got up and as I set off but vanished after about 2 minutes. My limit this morning was 9 minutes 13 seconds. I once again slipped on my NIke Frees and ran pitter patter home, job done.

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May 17

Whispered words of panic


The job this morning was to run 6 miles before work in my cushioned shoes and concentrate on barefoot technique. I was up about 10 minutes later than usual so I chose a 5 mile route so that I wouldn’t need to rush. I need to be able to slow down and concentrate if I need to. About 3 miles in I came up a very steep, winding slope and felt a twinge in my right calf. The old fear kicks in, my calfs have been my biggest cause of injury over the years. Continue reading

May 16

Feeling the barefoot burn


I always look forward to my barefoot mornings and I jumped up at 5.50am and looked out of the window to see what the weather was like and if the road was dry. Nice and sunny with the tarmac dryer although still a little damp.

The job today was to run barefoot as far as I could from the front door. I set off and as usual felt the burn almost straight away. Continue reading

May 15

Twinge Central


I have been concentrating on my barefoot technique, particularly when running in cushioned shoes. One sign that I am not running correctly is a twinge somewhere or other.

This morning, I set off slow around one of the resevoirs near home in my Pegasus. The twinge was right in the centre of my right calf. For me, I have found that this is usually a sign that I am concentrating on speed and not technique. Continue reading

May 14

Barefoot in the rain


The job this morning was to run barefoot as far as I could. I let my feet be my guide and stopped when the burn got too much. I carried my Nike Frees, one in each hand. The first thing I do when I wake up is look out of the window. It had been raining which meant the roads were wet.
I know from experience that my soles burn much quicker when the Tarmac is wet Continue reading

May 13

10 mile refresher


Ran this morning and feel great. I headed out on the bridleways near home and concentrated on barefoot technique whilst wearing a pair of Pegasus. I remember seeing a clip of Cabello Blanco running in and out of a checkpoint during the night.

I kept it easy and tried to be light.

I keep checking in with Twinge Central and whenever I felt something I changed my technique to address it and it is working well. Best feeling in the world was coming down the moors and letting gravity take me. Continue reading

May 12

I also run in shoes

Merrel Trail Gloves

I ran 3 miles yesterday in my Merrell Trail Gloves. It was the first time that I have put in more than a mile in them for about a year. I ran a 10 miler in them last summer and got a hip problem.

This made me rethink my approach and my life as a runner. Running defines us, it’s who we are. It certainly defines me. If anyone asks, I am a runner first and foremost. It is the first thing that comes into my head. The fact is, I hadn’t been able to run for about 5 years. My social life and well-being revolved around running. Life felt like it had been put on hold whilst each niggle and injury healed.

Like many before me, I sat with my head in my hands and contemplated the future. I couldn’t accept a future without running. I read everything I could, watched every clip and DVD I could find and after a few mistakes and false starts I am smiling again.

My goal is not to run barefoot but to run injury free. I have found that for me, that involves some barefoot, some mimimalist and some (take a deep breath) in a pair of Pegasus.

So why do I run barefoot? Continue reading