Real Barefooters

I am always fascinated to hear the stories of runners on the barefoot journey. We are all so different yet there are similarities that tie us together.


Paul Beales - Real Barefooters number 14
Paul Beales is our Real Barefooer Number 14. From following your posts for a while, you seem to have moved from being a dedicated barefoot walker into running. How long have you been walking barefoot... Read more
Sue Kenney - Real Barefooter number 13
Sue and I had exchanged a message or two and I became fascinated by her tales of pilgrimage in Spain and her Dragon's Den adventure. What interesting lives we barefooters lead. Hi Sue, thanks for t... Read more
Mikey Royce - Real Barefooter number 12
I first met Mikey as we ran the Cross-Bay half marathon earlier this summer. Mikey passed me in deep water (my short legs are a definite disadvantage sometimes) and I tried very hard to catch him but ... Read more
Bob Allsop - Real Barefooter number 11
Hi Bob – Thanks for agreeing to take part in our Real Barefooters series. That’s my pleasure Chris, thanks for asking me! I am pretty sure that yours was the first UK barefoot blog I found. ... Read more
Tracy Davenport - Real Barefooter #10
Our next real barefooter is Tracy Davenport. Tracy was one fo the first people to answer my plea when I was an injured runner looking for answers. I started a twitter account and sent out a message. T... Read more
Lionel Jones - Real Barefooter #9
Lionel Jones runs with the Northwest Barefooters group. He is just about to enter his first ultra and I spoke to him in the week running up to it. Hi Lionel and thanks for agreeing to take part. ... Read more
Real Barefooters Number 8 - Shaun Daws aka Barefoot Dawsy
Our next Real Barefooter is Shaun Daws (far right) probably better known to some of you as 'Barefoot Dawsy' of Hi Shaun, thanks for joining in and agreeing to be one o... Read more
Real Barefooter Number 7 - Tyson Goes Barefoot
Finding out the real stories behind the barefooters out there has quickly become my favourite thing to do. I have been following Tyson on his blog for quite some time and am delighted that he agree... Read more
Georg Schirmer - Real Barefooter Number 6
Hi Georg and thanks for agreeing to be one of our Real Barefooters. I am fascinated by the picture of you in the ring. What is your boxing background? I have been training in Thai Boxing for quite a... Read more
Real Barefooters number 5 - Gary Sidders - The Barefoot Bristolian
Hi Gary, thanks for taking part. The 'Real Barefooter's' responses have gone way beyond my expectations and I get a buzz out of hearing the stories of real barefooters out there. Having read a ... Read more
Real barefooter number 4 - Paul Anderson
Real barefooter number 4 is Paul Anderson. Hi Paul and thank you for being one of our 'Real Barefooters'. I was hooked by your post Barefoot and Blistered in the Park. Would you like to tell us a l... Read more
Real Barefooter Number 3 - Dave Zimmerman
Real Barefooter Number 3 is Dave Zimmerman.  Dave is a regular contributor to the  Barefoot Running - Run Naturally Facebook group. Hi Dave, thanks for agreeing to be one of the real barefooters ... Read more
Real barefoot runners number 2 - Ian Hicks
Our next real barefooter is Ian Hicks. Ian contributes the the BarefootUK facebook group and I first noticed his post about being stopped by the police whilst out barefoot. I love your story ab... Read more
Real barefooters No.1 - Craig Norris aka - Barefoot Nozza
To celebrate Barefoot Beginner's 100th post, I decided to open the floor to another beginner experiencing the barefoot joy. Many thanks to Barefoot Nozza for being so forthcoming an honest about his a... Read more

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