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Welcome to Barefoot Beginner where you will find a family friendly community of barefoot/minimalist runners at all stages of their development. My kids read it over my shoulder so we don’t do profanity and we don’t do negativity. We run, we chat and we smile.[spacer height=”8px”] The chat is warm and friendly and I know that you will be made very welcome. Specifically, our community is about helping runners find simple, safe ways of making barefoot and minimalist running a sustainable part of their lives.[spacer height=”8px”] I have been running for well over 25 years and had spent a great deal of them plagued by recurring niggles and injuries. I spent a fortune on motion control shoes, insoles and orthotics as well as more money than I wish to recall on physio treatment and recovery programmes. In the end, I was a broken runner looking for another way.[spacer height=”8px”] I found it.[spacer height=”8px”] I share my experiences of how barefoot running given me the chance to run again and I am not alone. My story is one amongst many and shows that it is possible to make running an activity that you can enjoy throughout your life[spacer height=”8px”] I want to help as many runners find their way as possible. Here is a good place to start.[spacer height=”8px”] So..welcome and let’s get going.[spacer height=”8px”]

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There are well over 400 posts on Barefoot Beginner and it grows every week. Here is some of the core content to get you going.[spacer height=”8px”]

Leave a comment or two to let me know what you think.[spacer height=”8px”]     Happy running Chris     


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    • Andree B. on August 14, 2015 at 3:02 am
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    Thank you for letting me join the group, Chris.
    I look forward to all the comments and tips on barefoot running as I am quite new to this.

    1. Welcome Andree. If you have any questions then ask away.

    • Elliot on January 29, 2017 at 7:21 pm
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    Hi, I started barefoot running about 2 months ago, having been running on my heels for years. I have a pair of Altras and some merrell trail gloves. All was going well but I ran 14km in the merrells (zero drop 4mm sole) as I was feeling so good but the last 2km were very painful in my calves and a week later they are still sore, I tried 9km and got round but reallly struggled. I have also noticed a slight niggle in my right knee. I videoed myself running barefoot and think my form is pretty good.

    So I was pleased to come across this site and I am interested if anyone else had similar issues.

    1. Hi Elliot – When you say barefoot, do you mean without anything on your feet or minimal shoes? I advocate running totally barefoot whilst the whole structure of your feet and lower leg develop in tandem with a change in running technique.

    • Elliot on January 30, 2017 at 8:04 pm
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    I have done some barefoot but the 14km was minimalist shoes.

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