This list is a community resource. It is compiled from views of barefoot runners. Although we use

a grading system (view here), opinions are always going to vary about the ease or severity of a route.

Our advice would always be the carry some footwear with you to use if needed.

Let us know how you went on.

Grades – (View full grade description or submit an event here)

B – Green – Easy

BB – Blue – Moderate

BBB – Red – Difficult

BBBB – Black – Severe


Event Grade / submitted by Area
Aintree 10K BB – Moderate (Rowena Eakins) Merseyside/England
Bath Half marathon BB – Moderate (Ian Hicks) Somerset/England
Bolton Parkrun BBB – Difficult (Chris Fielding) Lancashire/England
Bournmouth Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Amit K Baswal) Dorset/England
Camelot Challenge Multi-Terrain
Half Marathon
 BB – Moderate (Paul Beales) Dorset/England
Canterbury Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Ricardo Dash) Kent/England
Chippenham Half marathon BB – Moderate (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Cross Bay Challenge – Half marathon B – Easy (Chris Fielding) Lancashire/England
Dartford Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Ricardo Dash) Kent/England
Eddie’s Revenge Fell race BBB – Difficult (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
Great Manchester Run BB – Moderate (Tim Hines) Greater Manchester/England
Heaton Parkrun BBB – Difficult (Northwest Barefooters) Greater Manchester/England
Hogsback Half Marathon (Colebrook) BB – Moderate (Jeff Dill) Connecticut/US
Birmingham Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Georg Schirmer)
Lymington 10k BBB – Difficult (Emma Spence Goodier) Hampshire/England
Neolithic Half Marathon BBBB – Severe (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Newy Parkrun B – Easy (Jack O’Brien)
New South Wales/Australia
The Rumspringa Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Lara Rosenberger) Pennsylvania/US
Run4Downtown (Middletown,NY) B – Easy (Wayne Whiting)
Orange County/NY/US
Run for the Animals – Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Barefoot Runner) Virginia/US
Saddleworth Edges Fell Race BBBB – Severe (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
Saltdean Rise 8K BB – Moderate (Tracy Davenport) Sussex/England
Scottish Barefoot Run BB -Moderate (Chris Fielding) Edinburgh/Scotland
Slaughterford 9 BBBB – Severe (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Sydney’s Sun Run BB – Moderate (Shaun Daws) Sydney/Australia
Terry Nortley Relay race BB – Moderate (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
We Love Manchester 10k BBB – Difficult (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England

X runner obstacle run Nottingham

B – Easy (Georg Schirmer)

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