What are the best events for barefoot running?

This list is a community resource. It is compiled from views of barefoot runners. Although we use

a grading system (view here), opinions are always going to vary about the ease or severity of a route.

Our advice would always be the carry some footwear with you to use if needed.

Let us know how you went on.

Grades – (View full grade description or submit an event here)

B – Green – Easy

BB – Blue – Moderate

BBB – Red – Difficult

BBBB – Black – Severe


Event Grade / submitted by Area
Aintree 10K BB – Moderate (Rowena Eakins) Merseyside/England
Bath Half marathon BB – Moderate (Ian Hicks) Somerset/England
Bolton Parkrun BBB – Difficult (Chris Fielding) Lancashire/England
Bournmouth Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Amit K Baswal) Dorset/England
Camelot Challenge Multi-Terrain
Half Marathon
 BB – Moderate (Paul Beales) Dorset/England
Canterbury Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Ricardo Dash) Kent/England
Chippenham Half marathon BB – Moderate (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Cross Bay Challenge – Half marathon B – Easy (Chris Fielding) Lancashire/England
Dartford Half Marathon BBB – Difficult (Ricardo Dash) Kent/England
Eddie’s Revenge Fell race BBB – Difficult (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
Great Manchester Run BB – Moderate (Tim Hines) Greater Manchester/England
Heaton Parkrun BBB – Difficult (Northwest Barefooters) Greater Manchester/England
Hogsback Half Marathon (Colebrook) BB – Moderate (Jeff Dill) Connecticut/US
Birmingham Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Georg Schirmer)
Lymington 10k BBB – Difficult (Emma Spence Goodier) Hampshire/England
Neolithic Half Marathon BBBB – Severe (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Newy Parkrun B – Easy (Jack O’Brien)
New South Wales/Australia
The Rumspringa Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Lara Rosenberger) Pennsylvania/US
Run4Downtown (Middletown,NY) B – Easy (Wayne Whiting)
Orange County/NY/US
Run for the Animals – Half Marathon BB – Moderate (Barefoot Runner) Virginia/US
Saddleworth Edges Fell Race BBBB – Severe (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
Saltdean Rise 8K BB – Moderate (Tracy Davenport) Sussex/England
Scottish Barefoot Run BB -Moderate (Chris Fielding) Edinburgh/Scotland
Slaughterford 9 BBBB – Severe (Ian Hicks) Wiltshire/England
Sydney’s Sun Run BB – Moderate (Shaun Daws) Sydney/Australia
Terry Nortley Relay race BB – Moderate (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England
We Love Manchester 10k BBB – Difficult (Greg Dimelow) Greater Manchester/England

X runner obstacle run Nottingham

B – Easy (Georg Schirmer)

Submit your views and grade an event here


  1. Michael

    Beachy Head marathon moderate
    Brighton Marathon severe

  2. Michael

    Maidstone park run easy
    Whitstable park run easy
    Shorten woods park run difficult

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